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2022 Best Places to Live in Apache County

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  1. Window Rock

    Town in Arizona,

    5 Niche users give it an average review of 3.4 stars.

    Featured Review: Nearby Resident says I grew up in this town on the Navajo reservation. To me, this is home and always will be.I would like to see improvement of roads, main routes, alternative routes, residential routes, so this may help the community get from place to place. This area currently get the four seasons each...With improvement of roads, this will boost regular commute travel, help improve local real estate, and with emergency transportation.There are much more challenges that need to be met but improving most all roads would be a great help and effort toward improving the living environment and systems within the areas..

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    Overall Niche Grade: C+,

    Population: 2,451,

  2. Fort Defiance

    Town in Arizona,

    6 Niche users give it an average review of 3.5 stars.

    Featured Review: Current Resident says I have lived within the area almost my whole life. Fort Defiance, AZ is located on the Navajo reservation, twelve miles north of Window Rock, AZ.The area have come a long way, not to far from the nearest town of Gallup, NM. Many people commute long distance to get to town for fuel, food, and family needs. The travel, for he most part, would...Technology is growing, slowly, and have been helpful to those whom live in the rule areas. The technology has helped with emergency response and health care for the elder.Improvements would be funding for necessary businesses, tribal entities, to filter that resource into material for improving off roads and/or roads. This will helpful for families whom live off....

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    Overall Niche Grade: C+,

    Population: 4,209,

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