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2021 Best Places for Young Professionals in the Seattle Area

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  1. Downtown

    • Neighborhood in Seattle, WA
    • Rating 3.4 out of 5  5 reviews
    #4 Best Places for Young Professionals in Seattle Area

    Niche User: In the last four years I have lived in eight different cities, within three different states. I have resided within New York, South Carolina and Washington. Each state I have lived in has varied greatly from the others. Some of these differences are easily identifiable, such as those of government policy and climate. Other differences are hinted at by policy, statistics and well known cultural and religious practices but, beyond these differences there is understanding that can be developed only by living within a particular area and experiencing life in the midst of other residents. ... Having resided in roughly three of the four "corners" of the United States, I have gained greater perspective and experiences in ways I otherwise had not even expected. The three distinct areas of the Northeast, the Southeast and the Pacific Northwest, while part of the same Country, in fact offer starkly different climates, cultures and perspectives. Moving to Western Washington and most recently downtown Seattle has drastically changed my life. Up until I moved to the Pacific Northwest I had always planned to return to the Northeast, regardless of where I ended up in the meantime. This changed when I discovered all the Pacific Nowrthwest has to offer. ... The natural beauty of the surrounding area, including the Puget Sound, Mt. Rainer, the Pacific Ocean, Hoh Rainforest and much more offer an easily accesible escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Furthermore, the governmental policies of the area align more closely with my philosophical and political views on achieving true freedom and healthy living for residents through the pursuit environmental, medical and economic practices that work towards these goals. In addition, these policies are fueling growth and diversity within the community which supports a greater variety of cultures, perspectives and lifestyles in which innovation, businesses and prosperity can thrive...Read 5 Reviews

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