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This city is horrible. The schools are terrible here, don't get your hopes up with the schools being ranked "high" because so many kids commit suicide because of it. another thing is, everything is so far way from here. For intense, the closest mall is 10 miles away and that mall is horrible. This city is just meant for old people to retire. Almost 40% of this city is people over 65 years old. explanes why its so boring here.
It’s very quiet and the people are extremely kind, anything you need, the people around here could help you with. I live here in seal beach with my mother and we couldn’t be happier.
Often referred to as "Mayberry by the Sea" Seal Beach is a small city located on the coast in northern Orange county, Ca. Seal Beach has a population of approximately 20,000 people and is a balanced city. Seal Beach has excellent public schools and lots of outdoor beach and other recreational activities available.
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A small city, super tight nit. The beach is great for family events. The city sponsors a ton of community events which are always fun. The schools are wonderful and the streets are safe.
it's a great community, i have lived here since i was 4 and it's a smaller town there's a lot to do and main street it great
Seal beach is a chill, relaxed, hip community by the sea. Main Street, the beach and the Municipal Pier are the main attractions. On Main street you can find some delicious places to eat! My favorites include The Crema Café, Walt's Wharf, Nick's Deli and Slice of New York Pizza. Seal Beach seems like it moves at a slower pace and that's a good thing.
Laid-back beautiful beach town with rich history and new beginnings. It is full of old couples and new families.
Enjoy small town but so many to do there. The weather is always nice. It is sunny. Visit the red car museum
Seal Beach is a small, quaint city on the border of Orange County and Los Angeles, and it is my absolute favorite place to live thus far! The people here are incredibly friendly and inviting, the Main Street restaurants and shops are local and crime is almost non-existent. There are several delicious restaurants to try on Main Street Seal Beach as well as off of Pacific Coast Highway. I always feel so welcomed and happy no matter where I step foot in this city. In addition, there are many families that live here, which makes it a wonderful place to raise kids. I would like to see more community events throughout the year. I think that adding more events in Seal Beach would bring us all closer together. Other than that, this city should be more on the map! It's been life changing living here, and I cannot wait to see how Seal Beach grows!
Seal Beach, California is one of the best places you can grow up in and raise a family. The public schools are phenomenal and it is such a tight-knit community. I love how close it is to Los Angeles and the surrounding neighborhoods are great too.
Seal Beach is a very friendly, clean environment. Entertainment is always a drive away. Locals can go to the movies in Marina Pacifica shopping center or enjoy a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants located on 2nd St.
I have nothing but positive things to say about my town! Small town beach community with the convenience of being centrally located between Orange County and Los Angeles. Schools are top notch and the community very close knit that offers many events. Our tiny Main Street and surrounding shopping centers have amazing options for restaurants and bars. Cost of living is a little higher than average but the benefits of living close to the beach make up for the extra costs.
Grew up here, attended elementary, middle and high school in the area. Great for families. I went away for college and intend to return one day. small quaint beach town with great restaurants and a couple bars.
Seal Beach is a family friendly, safe, quiet, community involving city.
With Cal State Long Beach right around the corner this is a great city to live! Very pleasant & peaceful it makes it very nice to come home and get your work done, with no nonsense noise, partying and loud distractions to take your focus away from your work.
Seal Beach is an adorable little town. It is very closely-knit and in a beautiful location. The communal aspects of Seal Beach, such as the parades and beach events, create a family-friendly environment for people of all ages.
Seal Beach is an amazing little beach town. It has one of the most beautiful beaches with the best weather. It is sunny mostly all year round so there's no need for sweaters. The only down side to living here is the high price of rent, other than that, it's a good place to live.
The Seal Beach police are rarely needed because the crime rates in this community are so low. When they are needed, they respond very fast and are very friendly
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The community here is very welcoming and safe. The school district is the best in the Country. There are always free events and they are very family friendly
In seal beach there is little to no crime. The police are always quick to respond because they do not have a lot of calls. This is by far one of the safest areas I have ever been to. Seal beach is a small, close knit community. Everybody knows everybody.
I love this area, the beach is always close by (and free), there is shopping everywhere. 2nd street always has stroll and savor, where you walk around and try new food and meet people. There is dog parks and dog beaches everywhere, Huntington is 10 minutes away, and you can also be at the mountains within a few hours if you live here.
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