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Lots of fun things to do nearby and has a great school district. Only downfall is the traffic in the summer.
Low cost of living, seaside town. Quiet and friendly area with accessibility to Boston and the southern Maine coast.
You have the opportunity to be surrounded by busseling businesses or enjoying the waves on the beach. There is always some to do here and very family friendly.
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Seabrook is a great small town with our private beach and many new restaurants and tax-free shopping centers. Seabrook is a full-service Town offering trash pickup, Community center, fully staffed Police & Fire Departments. Free after-school programs offer children help with homework, hot meals, and activities each day.
Seabrook is a small town in southern New Hampshire adjacent to the Hampton and Salisbury beaches. Over the past couple years the town has seen an increase in businesses which has propelled the growth and renovation in the area. Within a short distance of the quaint towns of Amesbury, Newburyport, and Portsmouth there is no shortage of local eateries and entertainment.
The Town town of Seabrook has an amazing recreation department. It is where I spent a great deal of my childhood. It offers many different activities and sports in a safe environment. It also boasts a great summer camp at a very low cost to families. The "Rec" is where I played basketball, soccer and flag football.
Drugs are the town's most prevalent crime.
There are quite a few fitness facilities in the area. I belong to a gym called Latitudes and it has basketball courts, racquetball courts, an Olympic size swimming pool, aerobic courses, many different cardio and weight training machines. The town of Seabrook also has a great recreational department that focuses a lot with children and fitness activities. There are 3 major hospitals in our area and the drive to Boston for some of the best hospitals is approximately 35 minutes.
There are a wide variety of housing options. My family lives in an area that has a good size property with a house and garage. There are many condominium and apartment complexes also. At the Beach there are cottages and hotels.
The seacoast of New Hampshire is close to so many attractions. The beach, mountains, rivers and lakes are an easy drive. We have some very popular spots for many activities. My favorites are snowboarding and skim boarding.
We do not experience a lot of crime in the area where I live. The beach area does have a small amount of crime but the summer police patrol is strong at that time of year.
We have all four seasons in New Hampshire. This winter was by the far the worst in all the years I have been alive. The roads were often unsafe and we lost a few days of school do to storms.
We are a strong tourist area. You can travel up and down the coast and find many unique restaurants. The Old Salt and Galley Hatch are just two of the places I have worked. They serve local seafood, fresh off the boats. These two restaurants are located in town Hampton. Hampton Beach has many different choices, Italian, Chinese, Fried Dough and they also have a Casino that is not for gambling but for entertainment. They have some great shows there.
We have a variety of popular stores mixed with local companies. Within the last year there have been a number of stores that have been built in Seabrook New Hampshire. You do not have to drive far to get just about anything you need. There is a crafts store, sporting goods store, multiple clothing stores. We also have local fireworks outlets and many tattoo places. The restaurants are excellent, many in the area serve the local fresh seafood and are run by families who live in the area.
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