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Lived here for a year now and if you don’t work at a local hospital or college/university there aren’t many other jobs. There are transit busses available but with constant cutbacks, Sunday routes will be cut. Not much to do here, just a lot of local bars (very high rate of alcoholism).
Within the last 6 months, we had a huge rock thrown threw a bedroom window and a car stolen right out of our driveway!
USA Today labeled Scranton as ‘the most depressed city’ and I can see why.
Public schools lack decent preparation for college. There are really no job opportunities. The population is both aging and declining as a direct result of no job opportunities. The only decent activities in the area are hiking and outdoors activities which can be found 10-20 minutes outside the "city", there is really no nightlife or any other events. There is also a lot of distance between basic necessities like grocery stores, schools, working areas and residential areas, etc. and public transport is really lacking.
The citizens of Scranton take extreme pride in their own business. People always approach each other with a welcoming humble attitude. Popular stores and upscale restaurants are always found in downtown historic Scranton. There's always an enterprise on every corner and someone can find whatever they need in this area.
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I would like to see more community gathering events. I like how close everything is, just a small walk away.
Scranton is the greatest city on the northeast coast of Pennsylvania. There is amazing nightlife and an amplitude of fun things to do with the gang on the weekends in this town. It's a terrific place to raise a family displaying some of the finest attractions just outside of the city limits.
It has been an exciting place to live and work. There are some excellent restaurants and opportunities available. Shopping is abundant and up to date. There are places like Bees backyard for kids open year round.
The majority of people in Scranton are warm and humble. Downtown Scranton, itself has revitalized into an upscale environment with newer businesses for individuals overall. There is a strong diversity of Italian and Irish culture. Followed by people of Eastern European descent. That being said, there is also a large Hispanic (mainly Cuban), African American, Middle Eastern (mainly Iranian), and Asian ( mainly Japanese) population in the Electric City.
Quaint area to live in Pennsylvania . Downtown Scranton has plenty of charm with restaurants, shops, cafes , etc.
Area is growing so fast . So many new subdivisions at the area.
Scranton PA is a beautiful city that overlooks the Poconos that's it easy to escape to nature or the beautiful scenery of NEPA. There's a large artsy/hippie scene in the Electric City. Scranton is very walkable and bikeable
Moved to Scranton, PA about 10 years ago from Syossett, NY and I don't plan on moving anywhere else for a very long time. There is always something to do in the area. For example, Montage Mountain, Steamtown National Museum, Lahey Family Fun Park only minutes away from the Electric City
Being born and raised in Scranton, PA, the area is under construction for better public transportation and commute into the city. Scranton has plenty of local upscale businesses on the rise. The area is also being built up with tourist attractions and more retail offerings. Scranton offers a hometown feel with all the offerings of five boroughs next door to each other.
Scranton is a fun, humble city to reside in Pennsylvania. It is a very family friendly environment where nearly everyone knows everyone. It is a very good place to raise a family, with a good school to boot.
People in this quaint coal mining city of Scranton are very friendly and happy. Everyone knows everyone. There is a lot of diversity in race.
This area is very clean and very well populated. There are plenty of schools and kids in the area. Neighbor is clean and very nice people.
Scranton is a quaint city to live in. It is very family oriented and the community really sticks together for their fellow residents.
I really adore Scranton. The community, in all honesty has a increasing diversity and I think a lot of people are down to earth and really care about everyone in the community.
Many things to do, places to eat, faces to see. Very family friendly and welcoming. One can always make friends around here, and find ways to have fun.
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I have lived in Scranton my entire life. I grew up in Dunmore and there is so much to do, but on Friday nights during football season, it is really nice to see the community come together to cheer on our Dunmore Bucks. There is always a great sense of community in the town. Everyone knows everyone, and it is usually very peaceful.
Scranton is a great area to live in. Although the cost of housing and utilities could be expensive, most people love living here. There are not many abandoned or vacant properties around. Usually when someone moves out, there are people lined up to move in.
I love Scranton because it is such a big city and everyone is like one big family. When something goes wrong with someone that lives in Scranton, the whole town comes together to support one another. It is a great little town to live and grow up in because you really learn the meaning of caring.
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