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Scranton is a hustling and bustling city in the cusp of the Poconos and the Pennsylvania Coal Region. It is an amazing ski town and many people come to visit Montage every year. There’s a lot of newly built communities that migrate to Scranton every day.
Scranton is becoming a very booming place in Pennsylvania. So many new businesses and upscale shopping has been imported into Scranton, so in a few years it will be very worth to live here. It's has a great commute to NYC and Philadelphia, so transportation is not an issue. Overall, I would recommend living here! A family friendly environment.
Scranton is a unremarkably remarkable. One may never even notice all of the wonders of the city, even having lived here their entire lives. Yet, equally, one may find themselves drowning in rich history as they stumble by all of the landmarks and sites sprinkled evenly throughout the city streets.
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Scranton is not a bad city, tax money is being wasted on unimportant programs, full background checks of people applying for government aid is not completed to the fullest extent, leaving the city broke, as well as budget cuts are being made to extremely important programs. Political ties are easily manipulated if you know the right person, or having connections in the right governments. The local law enforcement with Children and Youth programs are not use their funding for the appropriate reasons. Leaving many children in foster care and some children in unfit homes, without following up with the parents in order to reunite families. Programs such as these should be more concerned with the well-being of the children, young adults, and parents in these situation. Most of the time a child is placed in a home, and left there with their file never to be opened again.
Scranton is known for it's historical setting. It's a beautiful area with three Universities close to one another, three hospitals, and all near shopping. Great to raise a family or be a student.
Old town with some charm but not much to do. Some good restaurants but not much for teenagers to do.
Scranton is "The Electric City"! The city consists of friendly, warm-hearted people, interesting attractions and a influence of Italian, Irish, and Eastern European culture. It is a giant melting pot filled with wonderful diversity. A huge display of outdoor activities in every corner, whether that is Montage Ski Resort, Nay Aug Park, Steamtown Museum, McDade Park, The Pavilion at Montage, etc. We also have Wings In the Waterpark, The Peach Festival, La Festa Italiana, and much more.
Lot's of history here, from the train musclemen, to Nay Aug park. The people here are friendly and there's a decent amount of places to eat downtown. The university of scranton also offers the city some excitement during the school season. You can also try checking out pool at nay aug during the summer, it;s real big and has two giant water slides.
I enjoy the climate. People are nice. It's somewhat easy to get around. Not much of a night life besides bars.
Scranton is a wonderful town. One of the greatest cities in Northeast Pennsylvania for culture. The best part about Scranton is its history From the Electric Trolley Museum to the Steamtown Engines. The town has a very cozy hometown feel. You can feel comfortable walking down the street and exploring the many upscale businesses and restaurants.
Scranton is a great city with allot to offer. Very clean, friendly, and convenient to everything you need. It also nice that it is only 2 hours to Philly or NYC. Scranton is rated most affordable city with the best schools and no crime. There is also top notch healthcare at Geisinger CMC. Allot of people are moving here due to all the above which is making it more diverse :)
Scranton, PA is an up-and-coming city on the banks of the Susquehanna River, just an hour from New Jersey/New York. Scranton displays a wide variety of restaurants and cultural activities.
An amazing city overlooking the Endless Mountains. A walkable downtown section with fine dining and cute little shops!!

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Scranton, PA is a fun place to live in Pennsylvania. From parks, playgrounds and local attractions, it's a terrific place. There are a lot of friendly, humble neighborhoods with strong diversities.
I like Scranton, because I feel that it is a very real and diverse community. However, I feel that there are many things that need to be improved upon, such as budget allocation and the overall infrastructure of the city.
There is nothing to do here. The city is slowly dying and bankrupt. There are no jobs here and poverty is rampant, so is corruption. Everyone who lives here wants out.
I have moved to Scranton from Las Vegas, Nevada (I’m originally from Massachusetts) and I love it here. Downtown Scranton is full of excellent upscale restaurants and contains incredible historical sites. Downtown also has a good nightlife for young adults. I feel safe its very family friendly. A place you would truly want to want to raise your family.
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I have lived in Scranton, Pa for nine years. As I am getting ready to leave the city for college, I feel that the city of Scranton has taught me a lot. It has also made me the person I am today. It is full of outgoing people.
Scranton, PA has recently become my home for the past few years. Scranton has so much to offer with its precious view of the Pocono Mountains and fantastic landscape. Downtown Scranton is full of excellent attractions and contains incredible historical sites. Downtown Scranton also has a fun nightlife for young adults with great local parades always nearby. It is a safe city with friendly neighbors and a humble environment!
The town has a great, close knit feel to it, and is highly invested in the various colleges and universities located there. The people are friendly and kind. Winters are challenge, as the roads get incredibly chewed up, and there is difficulty keeping them cleared after snow.
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