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I came to the United States in 2002 from Italy. We settled in NYC, then Queens, then Long Island then to Scranton, PA. We moved here because it is a great place to live in with lower taxes. Scranton is very old city and this town has been always safe and friendly place. There is Nay Aug Park, Steamtown Museum and much more family attractions. I like Scranton because it is a humble city. My neighborhood is under revitalization filled with great neighbors. We always care for each other and I always feel like I am welcome here and this is my home.
Lived in Scranton all my life it is one of the better cities in Pennsylvania by far people here are very nice cannot say anything bad about the city Others May but as far as I'm concerned this place is home I love living here I couldn't imagine living anywhere else.
From Coney Island of Scranton to What the Forks, what hype places to try new food than Scranton! No matter how cultivated your palette is the Electric City got you covered. Not to forget about the fresh farmers market and grocery stores such as Mansours Market, that is around where you can buy fresh ingredients to create personal flavor!
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I adore that the city of Scranton is filled with many divergent types of wonderful people with varying cultures and stories to serve the residents. I love that many of the citizens can walk down the street or go downtown to show a sense of gratitude to the city. I also love the fundraisers and programs that are held to make Scranton a safer place and to fight off crime.
I moved to NEPA in August 2004 from Hawaii. I am of Polynesian descent and my job requires a lot of moving around. A lot of places in Wilkes Barre/Scranton are being built. There are a vast amount of stores, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, gas stations, banks, churches, and schools all within seconds from each other. Commute is pretty decent as well, with Downtown WB/Scranton, Old Forge, Kingston, Forty Fort, Plymouth, Wyoming, Dunmore, Olyphant, Dickson City, Throop, Blakely and Bear Creek Twp all being less than 25 minutes away. Needless to say, I am easily able to call NEPA my new Oahu.
Scranton is surprisingly nice. I've lived in Kansas, California, Nebraska, and Memphis. So far I would say Scranton is in my top three of the places I have lived. It is very close to New York, Canada, Niagara Falls, and Philadelphia for those weekends you just want to get away. Additionally, there are some amazing hikes around the area and a lot of local breweries. The people are all very friendly (although they are terrible drivers) and it has a wonderful "small town" feel to it. I would suggest Scranton to anyone on the fence.
Not too much to do in Scranton area. Outside of town has some beautiful areas and parks. Close to pocono area and 2 hour drive from NYC. Can enjoy all four seasons of weather.
I grew up here and my closest friends and family are here. I wish, though, that it wouldn't cost so much to live here.
Born and raised in Scranton and I adore it! Scranton is safe, spectacular nightlife, 2 hrs to NYC, Philadelphia. Lots of attractions in Scranton (Montage Mtn, Steamtown Museum, Nay Aug Park). It's cheaper to live here compared to New York/New Jersey, but worth it! It's a great area for families and upscale businesses. Overall, fun place to live.
Scranton has a lot of terrific historical places to visit. Lots of history here in the Electric City. Nightlife here is completely enjoyable. The high amount of diversity makes everyone feel at home. Scranton is an affordable place to live for those who like city life but love the winter season.
It is an interesting city facing economic decline which does not help the city to attract local tourists let alone any business to want to set up here. Has the potential to become better if the economic situation was fixed.
Southside where I am is fairly quiet. But other parts of scranton are starting to go downhill. Parts of town where you NEVER walk alone.
I was born and grew up here in the Electric City! Scranton is such a amazing and diverse community from the poorest to the richest, as well as, dirtiest and cleanest locations. All locations have their up and downs! I love how everything is so nearby. It is fun that Scranton and NEPA has terrific opportunities for nightlife. They are delicious restaurants (BUT pricey!). The main change I would like Scranton to have is to become treated with love. Within time I feel like Scranton will become a safer environment!
Not the best place to live. A lot of crime, not very much to do. They do have very good food though. The italian festival, first friday, and saint patrick's day are the best.
Scranton is an tremendously diverse city and it contains of terrific opportunities for residents of all ages. Downtown Scranton is really up and coming for the youth, and the city is 2 hrs away to Philadelphia and NYC. It has public transportation and numerous cultural places to eat and visit.
Lived here for a year now and if you don’t work at a local hospital or college/university there aren’t many other jobs. There are transit busses available but with constant cutbacks, Sunday routes will be cut. Not much to do here, just a lot of local bars (very high rate of alcoholism).
Within the last 6 months, we had a huge rock thrown threw a bedroom window and a car stolen right out of our driveway!
USA Today labeled Scranton as ‘the most depressed city’ and I can see why.
Public schools lack decent preparation for college. There are really no job opportunities. The population is both aging and declining as a direct result of no job opportunities. The only decent activities in the area are hiking and outdoors activities which can be found 10-20 minutes outside the "city", there is really no nightlife or any other events. There is also a lot of distance between basic necessities like grocery stores, schools, working areas and residential areas, etc. and public transport is really lacking.
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The citizens of Scranton take extreme pride in their own business. People always approach each other with a welcoming humble attitude. Popular stores and upscale restaurants are always found in downtown historic Scranton. There's always an enterprise on every corner and someone can find whatever they need in this area.
I would like to see more community gathering events. I like how close everything is, just a small walk away.
Scranton is the greatest city on the northeast coast of Pennsylvania. There is amazing nightlife and an amplitude of fun things to do with the gang on the weekends in this town. It's a terrific place to raise a family displaying some of the finest attractions just outside of the city limits.
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