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Small unknown (ITP) community about 15 minutes from Atlanta and 5 minutes from the city of Decatur. Most people have never heard of it so it's growing (gentrification) under the radar. The diversity is great, young families, friendly people, and the home prices are still affordable...but not for long. Pricing is steadily increasing.
Parts of it such as Oak Forest, Cedar street, and glendale road can be very unsafe and dirty. Many local gangs.
It is affordable and close to Emory university. The commute time varies on the time of day. The neighborhood I live in is clean, secluded and the people are very friendly. The prices are extremely affordable in comparison to the surrounding areas. The city itself is very diverse as is most of Atlanta, by this I mean there are very nice areas, but there are also very "not nice" areas.
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For my fiancee and I, Scottdale has been the perfect place to live while working and attending school in Atlanta. Unlike many neighborhoods in Atlanta it is (at least for now) affordable for two people who do not make very much money to find a house to live in. However, it seems like even this neighborhood that is twenty minutes away from the city is experiencing a rise in rates for rent. This is scary because while in school it has been the only affordable town to live in that works for our family.
Scottsdale was a nice place when I was there. However the crime rate and night life wasn't safe for kids at a certain age. Gang life did hender some kids. But the community was so close together that we had to make sure the kids stayed safe. We had little recreational programs that kept some kids safe but not all. It was the center of the projects though. Section 8 homes but some still made it out. Most didn't want to. I chose to. I focused in school and made sure I went to college. Not many did. But a kid from the "hood" has a hard time paying for school and that's the part I struggle with everyday. I am just trying to make a way to finish and be the kid who made it out and made something of herself.
Affordable housing with excellent ammmenities near
Decatur is an artistic community, full of growth
I wish there was more lighting to better monitor safety.
Decatur is a great place to raise a family.
This community is actually coming up. Their are new homes building new businesses coming, and the safety is going up while crime is decreasing. I like it, its such a convenience. I cant wait till the area is all finished.
This is a great area because it's right next to Atlanta and some of the nice suburbs around the city, including Decatur. There is always something to do and somewhere interesting to eat. The cost of living is affordable for the size of the city.
The area I live in is okay. I live by a mall but not a busy mall. Lots of eateries and a movie theater. Don't care for the bus system bus stops.
I've only lived here and in Athens, and in both places I've been very poor. It's hard for me to accurate rate the area because I hardly take part in the social life of the community, between work and school
I would like to see more food places, and more stores in my area. Other than that I would choose to live here again.
Many people walk around and jog, and the area seems overall healthy. There is not an obvious prevalence of obesity or other health problems.
I haven't seen or heard of much crime in the area, and it is pretty close to the local prison.
There are a lot of nice houses in the neighborhood and they are in the process of building more.
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The weather is nice, although it can be a little bi-polar. In general it is hot in the summer months and cold in the winter, but it does not snow much (there may be a little bit of ice). Also, it tends to rain in the spring.
There's not much here, you have to go to other areas for food options.
People that live in this area do not work in this area. Since it is such a small area, there are very little jobs available and not many that would provide for a family.
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