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Very white area. 1/3 of the town doesn’t go to schodack central schools which makes no sense some kids go the east greenbush schools even tho they don’t live in east greenbush. There isn’t a lot to do here it isn’t awful to live though due to no crime basically
Schodack, New York has always been my home. For almost 18 years. I live on a farm and that is one of the main components to why I love it. It's a small town which means everyone knows each other. I like that our homes are spread out and that I get to be close to nature. Outdoor activities such as bonfires, 4 wheeling and riding bikes has been a large part of my life and living in Schodack has made that possible.
The Schodack Central Schools lines need to be expanded. There's isn't much in the school lines area. I want to see way more houses up but I don't want to take away from the beautiful landscape.
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Love that people are helpful and friendly here
Where I live, people that buy a hoise, generally stay there for the rest of their lives. When you've lived in an area for a whole, your neighbors become friendly. However, if you haven't been there very long, it's hard to get people to give you the time of day.
The houses around here are a little expensive for what you end up getting, and utilities are not generally included. There are no too many new houses in the area, but a lot of them are historical. If you go into the cities, there are quite a few abandoned houses, but I live outside of them.
The police are always around, and the ones that I've met have been kind men and women; but it always seems they take longer than necessary getting to a call.
If I could start somewhere else, I probably would. New York is a very expensive state to live in, and it's cold! I don't mind being here, though. The people are nice, and everything is very close by. You can drive 15 minutes to Albany and have anything you want- food, shopping malls, bowling, laser tag- it's all available.
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