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It's a very included community. The school systems here are great and offer many opportunities to grow. I feel very at home here with all of my friends and family. if I could move anywhere else I wouldn't even if anyone offered me a 1,000 dollars!
Schertz, Texas proves itself to be a unique small town caught in a state of liminality , as a passageway in-between the urban sprawl of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area and the isolated farmlands of Texas, as a town on the border of the Latino South Texas region and the primarily Germanic Hill Country, as a community in the middle of transitioning from rural small town to sprawling suburban satellite, and as a municipality on the border of three counties. As a result of this, the Schertz experience is a unique one. Every month it seems like a new cluster of tract housing has appeared in one corner, and a new school has popped up in another. Even my own school, Samuel Clemens High School, built in the 60s, has been in a constant state of change for almost the entire time I've attended, proving itself to be the perfect symbol of Schertz's liminality; It's original, mid-century design clashing with sleek, modern style of it's latest additions. The Schertz experience is one like no other
Schertz is an ideal place for working families who need to be central to both the San Antonio and New Braunfels areas. Although the nightlife and tourist attractions are lacking in this area, it is generally very safe and clean, with plenty of parks and places to walk. Additionally, it is central to both San Antonio, San Antonio's surrounding cities, and New Braunfels, where one can find an abundance of things to do. The traffic is light and there are several restaurants in the area. Schertz is not entirely conservative or liberal, and it is close to Randolph Air Force Base. Although the city is not the most exciting place, people are generally quiet and friendly. Although I would not want to live in Schertz forever, I had a positive living experience there.
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It is a fun hands-on community people are so nice. There are also good schools, restaurants, shops, and more available in Schertz.
Been a resident for 7 years and raised a teenager here but will be moving soon. A very clean and scenic little town with descent schools. Low crime for the most part but slowly increasing. Weirdest speed limits I’ve ever seen and the strictest police out of anywhere I’ve ever lived. They will pull you over for literally anything, it’s beyond ridiculous. Good town for families with little kids and also retirees. Very little to do for teenagers or middle aged adults. Very few jobs in or around Schertz. The same can be said for shopping or descent restaurants outside of fast food. The commute into San Antonio or New Braunfels for work or other reasons is absolutely horrible due to traffic that gets worse by the day. You spend a fortune here on gas and put ALOT of wear and tear on a vehicle due to the ridiculous traffic to get anywhere from Schertz. Overinflated housing market as well compared to the rest of the San Antonio metro.
I love how everything is so close to me. I have Walmart and HEB only 5 minutes away so it makes grocery shopping so much easier. Also all of my favorite fast food places are close to me I could to them. I also feel safe no matter where I am at in town and everyone is very friendly her as well. They also just built two new movie theaters right off of 35 so now Schertz has a little bit of everything!
I love living in Schertz, Texas. It has a small town community feel but it is also within driving distance to San Antonio. Neighborhoods are family oriented and usually quite. Military Base is located close by so there is a strong military community, as well. The school districts are one of the best in the San Antonio area.
I have lived in Schertz, TX for 23 years and I do not have any complaints. Schertz is friendly and safe. I had moved to Waco,TX for about a year but came back to Schertz because it is my home and i felt much safer here in Schertz!
Great Community. This little town is right in the heart of the area with easy access to shopping and dining. Safe place to raise a family with award winning and highly recommended schools ranging from Pre-K to High School nearby. Grew up in the area with my parents , and 10 years later have found myself being my family back to the area. Just a an excellent area to live in. Area offers opportunities to everyone as well, got my first job at 15 years old working in Schertz. Very safe and people friendly, and the law enforcement is out constantly making sure everyone is watching their speed! Which is awesome because you see many kids from elementary to high school walking home without parent supervision. Speaks volumes to how well of an area it is.
I love living and growing up here. Very warm and welcoming people. I plan to live here with my kids too.
Great and growing town! Lived here for more than 10 years and it continues to get better each year! Love the community and it's nice to be a center point between Austin and San Antonio. The traffic here is getting worse though so be aware that commuting to work has become a struggle here.
Schertz is an awesome city. It is the ideal place to start a family and raise kids. The school system is full of hardworking and dedicated staff. There are little Mom and pop shops all around, and it is close to many shopping centers, parks, and other recreational areas.
I've lived here for about 2 years and I enjoy the community. I feel like living here I can raise a family and spend the rest of my life here. The neighbors are so friendly and encouraging and it feels like a family in this neighborhood.
Schertz is a great suburb to live. Very military and veteran friendly, as most families that live here are either active or retired. Generally quiet, with very little to no news of issues or troubles going on in the suburb.
Schertz is a suburb of San Antonio, TX. It is home to about 40,000 people, but still has the small town feel. It is an excellent place to live, with great civil services and is in a great school district.
Have lived here since I was in elementary school. Great place to live and go to school. It's like small town living. People are friendly, shops are near, and everything is close by. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Schertz is a fast growing, multicultural population about 15 minutes outside of San Antonio. It's military population bring diversity and pride to our city. I've watched this city grow continuously since I moved there in 2010. School system is outstanding, which a good balance of emphasis on academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. The only downside of growth is the congestive build up on the highways. Other than that, it's a great city!
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Schertz is an amazing place, clean and well managed. The parks are amazing and beautiful. I feel safe when I walk around at night. The wildlife is stunning, deer, opossums, raccoons, breathtaking.
I have lived her all my life and love it! Being outside of San Antonio, yet still being close enough to enjoy everything a big city has to offer. Also, the surrounding areas, such as New Braunfels, always has exciting new events to enjoy. The school districts also have very competitive athletic programs and great academic record!
I like that Schertz is a family friendly area, I wouldn't hesitate to raise my kids here, the police department is close in range to everyone and is highly responsive. It is a nice quite town but I wish there was more diversity in the area.
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