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Schaumburg Township Reviews

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I really love Schaumburg. It is accessible to highways, shopping, restaurants, and other great towns. We have several forest preserves to get outside and get active! People are friendly for the most part and I think it's a great option to raise a family.
Lots of restaurants, stores and parks to enjoy being out of the house. The town itself is very clean.
It's a pleasant suburb that has a wide variety of attractions and a wonderful diverse community. The public schools in this area are passionate for education.
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There are a lot of things to do in Schaumburg. Whether it’s going out to eat, visiting the library, running in a park or playing laser tag, Schaumburg has it all.
I believe Schaumburg Township is all about community involvement and family friendly. The park district and public works work tirelessly to ensure their are opportunities for all to partake in. It is a clean residential area with a great California like appeal toward the East side of town.
Schaumburg is an over all awesome town. There are a lot of shopping locations, it is close to the high way, and there are a lot of nice parks everywhere.
very safe and inclusive neighborhood for everyone: families, single people, couples, etc. Great park district and school systems. Cook county taxes are annoying, however is a very nice town to live in
I’ve lived in Schaumburg my entire life, it’s always been very safe, has good schools, and lots to do. Now that I’m ready to go to college, I’ve run out of things to do and I have personally gotten bored of the suburbs. However, the neighbor is friendly, welcoming, and perfect to start a typical, suburban life.
It's a very open location to live and it has its diversity. The schools are different than most but they try to be as diverse as they can. It's very welcoming.
I believe that the town does provide a lot for its citizens. There's a variety of grocery stores, restaurants, places for leisure, etc. for people to go to. However, construction takes forever in the area. That is something that should be fixed.
A bigger suburb with a ton of shopping and restaurants. The schools are very good, and it is a very safe place to live. There are a lot of community events and locations to meet new people. Nightlife is above average for a suburb.
Great schools and very safe neighborhoods. There are a lot of hidden gems like coffee places or quirky stores you would not expect to find around. So much fun to explore and have fun in.
Schaumburg is a very good area. There is plenty of shopping centers and Woodfield Mall a short driving distance away. The schools are some of the best in the Chicago area. SD 54 receives praise from the state for being one of the best schools in Illinois. D211 also boasts some of the best high schools in the area and they strive for excellence.
Schaumburg is a lively town. There is a mix of townships and stores, with most things being relatively close by. The biggest draw of Schaumburg would be Woodfield mall.
Very safe town with a very good school district and many programs for children and adults. Amazing library with access to many different resources including a 3D printer. Includes many places to keep busy including Woodfield mall and many other amenities.
Everything in Schaumburg is conveniently located. The grocery store is nearby as are several restaurants. The school is close to where I live, as is the church and my work place. The traffic is reasonable even during rush hour. I feel very safe and very connected within the culture around me.
Average. Best thing is its near other towns and Chicago. Worst sales and property taxes pretty high and side street snow plowing is subcontracted to subpar plow companies.
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Ive lived in Schaumburg for years now. The town is overall clean and a safe area to live in. The schools that I went through helped prepare me for the next both academically and athletically.
An amazing place to live, full of people from all over, and being so close to the mall and the city makes life super easy when it comes shopping, or commuting to work. Furthermore the people in Schaumburg are quite nice and helpful towards on another. Nearby neighbors become quite close and often through block parties and other events.
it is a nice quiet town. Schools are great here. The area i live in is lovely. i feel safe in this area when im out.
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