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Everyone is very kind and even if the town is small there is a decent amount of things to do. Lots of hiking available.
I think the town is very clean and the city keeps all the streets and parks well maintained. I would even feel safe walking alone at night.
Scappoose is a safe small town which is rapidly growing. Its called home to many country kids and those who chose to stay in town too. Its perfect for commuters but far enough away we don't see large town issues. We are an hour away from the beach and the mountains, and perfect for any type of family.
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Scappoose is a great town to start a family in and raise your kids. The schools are all local and are within walking distance of each other. There are a handful of good restaurants and the neighboring town is just seven miles away if you are craving something different.
Scappoose is a small town. I don't care for the small town atmosphere because it seems like the people who decide what can be opened regarding business want to keep it small town. This town is very clique-ish and if you don't know the right people your life will be lonely. Very hard to make and keep friends unless you're willing to cave and be like them.
I love the small town feel. This town has a awesome police force and school district. I would defiantly raise my children in this town.
This place is going to be a crap hole. I was born here and their is no opportunity. I am warning you this place is tolerable now but un livable in about 3 to 5 years . There is no night life and the public schools are falling apart.
I really enjoy the community of Scappoose. The small town feel is very pleasant. I walk my dog daily before work and feel very safe, even at night. There is limited grocery options, only Fred Meyer and Grocery Outlet, however Scappoose is close enough to St. Helens or Portland to do other types of shopping. I commute into Beaverton daily for work, the commute is not bad at all, taking 30-45 minutes depending on traffic. Overall I really love living in a small town that is safe and holds a strong sense of community, but still am close enough to Portland to visit as often as I would like.
The housing in this area varies quite a bit. There are some older houses that have been kept up nicely while some haven't. There are also pockets of new homes that are close together and very similar in design, but over all I think that the quality is good. I am not sure how the pricing is, but I do know it is better than Portland. There are a few vacant homes, and some homes that do need to be cleaned out, but like I said, most of the housing here is great.
Scappoose is a beautiful place because of the surrounding environment. One is able to drive up into the hills or go down to the Columbia river for whatever reason. Everyday is stunning, no matter what the weather is.The parks here are not always nice, and most of those parks are for children, but the convenience of outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, kayaking, ect, are plentiful. Pollution is not a major concern for many, but due to the farm land and some chemicals that are used on occasion can create a small concern.
Crime in this area is pretty low. If there is any crime it would usually be related to minor drug charges or theft. If you go down the road to the next town, which is about twice the size of Scappoose, the crime rate is much higher and would be considered more dangerous.
The weather here is like your stereotypical Oregon weather. One day it pours rain and the next it's sunny and 70 degrees out. The summers are warm and humid, the fall is warm with some rain, and the winter and spring seasons are usually rainy with the occasional nice day in the spring.
Unfortunately there are little to no options when it comes to dining out, especially if you are a minor like me. Most of the places to dine out are fast-food, and the handful of sit down restaurants we have aren't that great. There are a few bars one could go to, but most of them are dive bars and can sometimes be questionable regarding the safety of the patrons or how they make any money.
Most people that live in this area have to commute to places like Portland, Hillsborough, and/or Beaverton. The jobs that are offered in this area are usually minimum wage jobs such as working in a restaurant, fast-food, or at one of the stores like Fred Meyers. However there is some hope as the local air port has been able to slowly, but surly, increase some employment opportunity, but the jobs there require specific people and previous training.
There are not many options. Most places are big companies, and the places that aren't big companies usually end up closing because they can't keep up with the competitors prices. However, the few "mom-and-pop" shops that have lasted are good, but could use some cosmetic improvements.
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