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It is nearby a lot of things and people are friendly. Public transportation could be better. Things to do nearby.
Has a very "homey" feel to it. There is a lot of activities and great businesses around. There are many friendly neighborhoods.
Great city that has many job opportunities and many great places. Great places to eat and hang out. The neighborhoods are great and very child-friendly. There is not much of commute time to get to food or places.
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Savage has lots of things to do, places to eat, and places to hang out or walk around. The roads in the winter are never slippery, they are very well kept. The parks and trails in Savage are very beautiful and fun to walk around and relax.
I am a current resident and I love the location. Everything is nearby and not that long of a commute. Besides all the stores and restaurants, this city also has nature trails and fun summer activities.
I like how clean and well maintained everything is. The people are generally friendly and the neighborhood is pretty safe.
Loved growing up here. close to just about everything, yet far enough away at the same time. I went to Burnsville and it was okay, some of my neighbors went to prior lake or even shakopee. all are pretty close. You don't hear much about crimes here in Savage and you feel very safe walking out by yourself. Nice parks near by and trails. Nice lakes near by to go boating or swimming as well.
My friend almost died because the Police department did a terrible job of checking on an older person that hadn't been seen or heard from for a few days! The neighbors offered a ladder for them to check out the upstairs and they said no! All the Police did was checked to see if the door was locked and looked in one window, main floor! If it wasn't for the neighbors checking the upstairs windows, he would be dead! DON'T LIVE THERE, THE POLICE DON'T CARE, PROTECT, SAVE! Where did they get their training and the Police Chief get his? POLICE IN SAVAGE MN SUCK BIG TIME! I hope this gets passed across the country!
Savage is close to where I attend school in Prior Lake. Prior Lake schools are in the top percentage of the entire nation. Getting a quality education is very important to me so that I have a good basis education on which to build when I attend college. My neighbors, teachers and bosses in Savage have helped build my character and morals. Savage is located close to Minneapolis St. Paul and the Minneapolis airport so I can have the offerings of a big city while still living in an affordable housing market. Savage has become my home and I love living there. I would recommend it to anyone that would like to live in a suburb of an active metropolis.
Savage is a very safe and fun environment where we can enjoy daily activities with our families and have a good time. It provides multiple aspects where our city can grow substantially such as its abundance of faculties, grocery stores, shops, parks, and much else. Overall am amazing city.
Raised since diapers in this city! What I like about this area would be the friendliness of the community around it. A lot of wildlife around so might spot a deer or two. Growing up in this neighborhood does have it's perks. Everything is relatively close by. If not you can just hope in the car & it only takes you less than 10 mins to get to one side of the city to the other. I would say one thing that would change would be some of the local businesses that do tend to come in and out of the strips stores. Seems some buisnesses can't seem to make it out here in the suburban area for long unless promoting themselves very well or already having a chain of popularity due to being so popular with the crowds.
Pride in ownership is obvious when the residents, whether renters or owners, maintain their homes and care about their neighborhood. Neighbors participate to connect and create local groups that bring the residents together for the betterment of the area.
It's a nice area, not too far away from the cities. Lots of families in the area. Not a lot in the way of nightlife or unique restaurants in the area.
Savage is a small city that typically combines with Prior Lake, a neighboring city for school, sports, and much more. The high school has competitive sports, which makes for a fun game time atmosphere and incredible school spirit from the community.
I like how close everything is to my house. The parks in the area are really nice. I enjoys walking the trails.
I really enjoy the distance from the cities. The area of Savage is very clean and safe. Very family friendly with great public schools. A huge a array of shops and convenience stores. Post Office, police station, fire house and public library all located in the same plaza.
I like Savage because it is in the middle of many bigger cities, so you get the feel of a smaller town as you can still participate in urban life. It's close to many popular places like the Mall of America and Canterbury. The only thing is that Savage does not have its own public school, so students either go to Shakopee or Prior Lake schools.
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Savage is quiet and clean. Family friendly and close to various shopping centers. I would like to see more diversity.
It is a wonderful place to live. Calm neighborhood and nice houses. The school districts are pretty good here. There are many grocery stores to choose from and go to and a lot of eateries. And the Mall of America is only a 15 minute drive!
I like that Savage is safe and quiet. It's far enough out of the cities so you don't have that "city life" feeling but it also is close enough so it only takes a few minutes to get to either downtown.
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