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Savage Maryland is a wonderful place to live. The people are friendly, and the it is a great place for an individual to start a family.
My family and I have been living in Savage for the almost three years now. It has a,serene environment and it infact a peaceful place to live. The security in this area is superb and the public schools are top graded.
A very safe area that is close to Columbia, Laurel, and Baltimore. Also only 20 min. from Howard community college and Columbia mall.
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I have enjoyed living in Savage for over 15 years. Savage is 20 minutes away from Baltimore and DC, so, therefore, there is always something for you to do in the city. There are miles enough scenic hikes along the Patuxent River, that can leave you exploring for weeks. Savage is such a great place to live and raise children.
A small town feel with big city amenities close by. Very historic community with lots of history. I grew up here and still live in the I've got older the community has been more developed which has brought much more diversity and positive economic trends to the area. There are plenty of activities in nearby Columbia. The schools are some of the best.
I love that Savage Mill is so close to me, and there are lots of cute stores. As well i like living so close to Sage Park, which has great running trails. I wish there were sidewalks and it was a bit mroe family friendly.
Savage is a small town between Baltimore and DC, which makes it a prime location for working either within or between either city. The town is quite yet close enough to several highways to facilitate short travel times. The Historic Savage Mill is picturesque with walking trails along the river. The mill also provides dinging, antiques, rope courses, and more. Savage is a pleasant place to live, and many of the people are down-to-earth.
They don't call Maryland the miniature U.S. for nothing!
I liked growing up in this area, even though most of my friends lived in other neighborhoods. There are a couple parks around and the schools are close by which is nice. Another big benefit is that we are right by the exits to get on the freeway so it is convenient.
Overall this area is very great. In ranking to the county I believe sports could improve greatly.
The building themselves could be better maintained better, however this is the most peaceful, quiet place that I have lived in for a long time. You barely here any cars, there are no people hanging outside, except on a nice day you may hear a few children playing.
Not that many businesses around because its a suburb and residential community.
Decent housing and not many abandoned buildings at all, but neighborhood association fees are too high and not fair because some people dont pay so everyone else's gets raised.
Still trying to leanr more about the local government but it seems complicated and overly time-consiuming in addition to all the other news that is needed to be known.
Crime doesnt seem to be a problem here yet but I have a feeling that it wont remain that way forever.
It never rains all day, the change in the seasons is nice although winters have seemed to be getting worse in recent years.
I dont go out to eat that much and I dont drink so this doesnt really apply to me.
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Not that many businesses in this area, most people commute to Baltimore or D.C.
A lot of the homes were built years ago and have withstood a lot. I think that makes them very good quality.
We have great transportation Services.
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