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I've lived here for my entire life. In recent years, the art culture has gone from being somewhat stagnant to very thriving, with new events to attend constantly. If art isn't your thing, the sports events here are awesome too. The location is great, being situated right in between Kingston and Woodstock in the middle of the Hudson Valley. The Catskills are only a short drive away and they make the scenic outdoors completely stunning. We are also a very green town, with our officials focusing largely on our carbon footprint. It's pretty pricey to live here, but with the constant support the town provides to its citizens (especially local artists, storeowners, restaurant owners, etc.) it's absolutely worth it.
Saugerties is a very beautiful small town that is continuously growing. It is nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains along the Hudson River. In the heart of the town you will find multiple small bars, cafes, bookstores, antique shops, yoga studios, a locally operated movie theater, and more.
Saugerties is a town where you are close enough to be in a city like enviroment as well as a country enviroment. You have a little of everything here.
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Saugerties is a quiet and a good place to enjoy your day. There are lots of cute vintage shops and little stores that each have their own individual goodies.
Great and beautiful small town to live in. Lively tourist location during the summer with plenty to do.
Saugerties is the perfect little movie scene town. There is so much to see and do around each turn, and is overall a safe environment populated with creative people who have open minds. I will always come back.
Beautiful, unique, great for sports, great restaurants, close to city, Hudson River & lighthouse, hiking, Catskill mountains
It is a great place to live. I am happy that I moved here. I love the community. My son has also made great friends. I can not imagine living anywhere else.
Friendly village with everything you would want from movies to health food store to bakery to clothing boutiques.
A small town just two hours north of New York City, Saugerties has become a hot spot for city folk looking to escape the hustle and bustle, with a relocation or a weekend home. I've been here my whole life and it's refreshing to see small businesses blossom here. The city folk are intolerable. So if you're local to the Hudson Valley but not from the city, you might be annoyed with them too. However there are so many businesses that are a delight to support. Inquiring Minds has the best coffee in town and an eclectic collection. The library is a delight and their events are open to the public, you don't need a card to attend anything. The parks are kept clean and well lit during the day. At night teenagers hang around them so not a family friendly environment. The Saugerties Diner is a great stop, lots of well priced food. Go to Kingston if you need to go grocery shopping, Price Chopper is expensive and stinks like garbage.
The town is nice to the Hudson valley, schools are less than average, there is only a couple for night life spots. The HITS in town tens to be a lot of high class snobs who look down at local residence. There are only a few industries and most have an hour + commute to Albany or Poughkeepsie.
Saugerties is a nice somewhat quiet town next to the Hudson River. What I would like in Saugerties is better restaurants and bakeries.
Many restaurants that offer a lot of variety, tourist shops on main and partition street, many summer events. There's a movie theater and equine event center. It's all around an awesome town with many different things to do and amazing people throughout town
Small town, not much to do. Easy commute to metropolitan areas as well as mountains. Parks, playgrounds, shopping, swimming, hiking, all well within 30 min
Its ok for the most part. Police just need to be nicer.
I choose "its okay" because I've lived here since I was four and everything in the town is pretty much the same. Same parks, same stores, same people. It'd be nice to change things up a bit in this small town.
There isn't a lot of crime in Saugerties. Every now and then there is someone getting caught with a drug charge or spray painting a building. But this is common everywhere in the United States. Aside from these, crime isn't very common in Saugerties.
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The town of Saugerties has been my hometown since I was born. Growing up I mostly kept the same group of friends, but also gained and lost some throughout the years. The town itself does not have very much to do, unless its summertime. Over the summer you can go camping, hiking, cliff jumping, mini golfing, etc. In the winter the options go down. There are two mountains you can go snowboarding or skiing on. After living there for years, everything starts to get old and boring. The people in the town are not always the nicest and the town is generally becoming more run down. If I could move to any other part of the country I would. Hopefully, Saugerties becomes a better town like they're working on it to be, which I believe it will. Overall the town is okay and I wouldn't have wanted to spend my childhood anywhere else. I met an amazing group of friends who I still communicate with and see on an everyday basis. Would I do it all over again? I probably would. Saugerties helped make me who I am today and got me involved and taught me many new things.
Police are right up the street from the college so it feels fairly safe. You just don't want to go out alone at night.
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