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Everything you need is in Santee; there are supermarkets, parks, schools from preschool all the way to college, and much more. You could spend your whole life in Santee if you wanted.
Very good good website so far to use when needed to invest in properties.

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Santee is a very small town located next to El Cajon. It’s a place in where you’ll find tons of food places whether they are fast food, restaurants or local cafeterias. I really enjoy going on walks to either mast park or big rock park. There’s also some hiking spots near by and the beach is about 20 minutes from Santee. A great town that’s not to far from all of your favorite places.
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Santee is a good neighborhood with plenty of nice suburban areas, parks, hiking trails, a shopping center, and a trolley station that connects to the rest of San Diego.
Santee has a great community that is supportive of small businesses, as well as large corporations. It has a blend of all businesses that work together to create an environment fit for everyone.
The people here are so nice and genuine. I moved here when I was 4. The schools and the teachers here have been amazing to me and my family.
Although I attend school outside of my home town of Santee, I enjoy being a part of the community. Over the past 10 years, Santee has developed tremendously; just this past month was the grand re-opening of a newly updated Mast Park. I have been going to Mast Park for as long as I could remember, meeting all my old friends to play a game of tag or to ride my bike. Aside from including the younger generations with an improved playground, the basketball court, dog park, and nice walkways allow for all ages to enjoy the city of Santee's park. I am additionally impressed with the increasing food places opening, attracting many more customers into the city. Overall, the growth of Santee is amazing and hopefully, it brings the community together even more.
Santee is a very white, wealthy town. This town is a very much suburban town compared to the hood towns I'm used to. Santee is filled with a lot of white racist people who all support trump which I personally do not agree with.
My 4/5 star rating given to Santee is due to about everything you need is within walking or driving distance (2-5 miles). The people are friendly, active, and helpful to those who ask of it. It has a plethora of food options, in stores, & restaurants. People exist here from nearly every ethnic group and interact without hatred. Its a good place to raise your children and still enjoy company in the relaxing environment.
What I like about Santee is how clean it is but i do wish there were more city actives that didn't cost as much.
I like that there is a diversity of schools nearby for high schoolers and middle schoolers. I would change how many homeless people live and walk around the streets.
I love living in this part of San Diego. It a stunning part of town with an amazing hiking trail that creates a wonderful day out on the weekends.
I have grown up in Santee for 16 years and I have loved every moment of it. I have made some life long friends. All of my childhood memories relate back to Santee. It is a completely safe area, family friendly and there is so much to do for families. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and there are plenty of job opportunities.
I've been living in Santee since 2011. It is a great city to raise a family. The city is growing. You are 20-25 minutes away from La Jolla, 20 minutes from downtown San Diego and about 25 minutes from Sorrento Valley. It is in a great location from everywhere. The city is diverse and booming with new housing communities such as Riverwalk, Weston etc. The people are nice as well!
Great place to live and it's only getting better. When I first moved to Santee about 20 years ago, it was barren and rural. Nothing much to do, mostly ranches and green hills (which is also great). Over the years we have gotten so much as far as shops, restaurants, and community events. There's never a dull moment, and if you really need to leave, the beaches are only 15-20 minutes away!
Santee is a bit more expensive than some of the surrounding areas. Santee is offers a quick commute for people's personal, and professional needs. Clean streets and neighborhoods that are generally kid and pet friendly.
Excellent location. Well taken care of. Access to any area you need with little hastle. Traffic is never bad. Access to stores, restaurants, medical care, parks, and many other places within just a short drive.
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Santee is what you expect - a nice, quiet San Diego suburb. You get to enjoy living in San Diego county without the inflated prices. Really close to everything.
Boring bland but it works. It's kinda pretty but it gets stale pretty fast. Good food and great people though. A lot of people are friendly when it comes to work and whatever.
Great food options. Family environment, I go to San Diego christian college and I stay in the dorms. It is an extremely relaxing area for me to get tons of work done. I am glad I moved over to the dorms because it has helped me stay focused.
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