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St is close to El Paso tx and is very nice and quite hot weather as well & dry but you get near access to desert
Santa Teresa is a very safe place. The people are nice and respectful. It is a perfect place to raise a family.
Santa Teresa is a little place in the far reaches of the United States, where you stop by to see a distant cousin. WE all know each other here, and the NM landscapes are truly breathtaking. There is only one thing wrong with ST, and that is that it has not yet been given the title of city, despite a legal battle currently in action against our neighboring city, Sunland Park. We will one day be called the "City of Santa Teresa".
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I like it here but people sometimes are rude. They never respect the speed limits when is a school zone they even go faster and police are never around to see them people.
There is not much to Santa Teresa, except for a school system and a subway. There used to be a golf course but it's run down and closed. The schools are not college bound ready but they can prepare you for the basic jobs. I feel somewhat safe when stepping out into the community, just don't go too far down into Sunland Park and you will be fine! El Paso is right next to us so that is where majority of our shopping is done.
I like that its a quiet small town. I would like to see no truck drivers in left lane applied to the area.
It is a very quiet and peaceful area. All of the neighbors are polite. The area is developing so new homes are being built every day.
My town is far from the main city. The neighbor hood in which I live in is not a family oriented neighborhood I would like to see that changed
Nothing really happens around the area.
Everyone is friendly and welcoming. It's best to try to learn some Spanish but it's okay if only know how to speak English. The food is absolutely amazing, get to taste the original authentic Mexican food. Tons of people from all sorts of backgrounds and several good things to do around town especially off - roading.
Family Dollar store located around Mcnutt road ; that usually gives great discount chain which sells groceries and goods.
The employment in this area is not to bad and not to good as well. There are many new companies coming into an industrial park that are building their establishments. With these companies coming into the area new job opportunities are available from janitors, maintenance, forklift drivers, to engineers.
Winters are butter cold while the summer's are scorching. This weather pattern keeps many people indoors much of the year. Floods are occasional, yet have proven to be unmanageable.
There is almost nothing to do in the region apart from occasional concerts and raves.
Many people that are born here never leave the region. However, there is no sense of community as most people tend to stick to their own groups.
Many houses have large gardens and expansive lawns. I have only seen one empty property in the region. House prices have rapidly increased in the past few years and are beginning to become out of reach for more and more people in the region.
Property taxes are very high in thr city and in my opinion education is not at the level it should be with the level of taxes being levied.
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There was much debate on whether the local plants caused cancer In the surrounding neighborhoods.
Many restaurants focus around mexican food as the majority of thr population is hispanic. Apart from this there is a large variety of American restaurants such as Burger King, Wendy's, and Mcdonalds.
I know of several people In thr area that use cocaine and other drugs. Apart from this not many people attempt to stay active in this region apart from teenagers and young adults.
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