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It is a peaceful and quiet town. It really feels like home. The one thing I would change is housing prices. Rent and as well as buying a home is super expensive.
Santa Rosa has a decent amount of shopping and things to do. Many museums and tourism at the river and scenic drives. However, many of the downtown restaurants close early and if you live here it is extremely high rent.
It's crazy how people can be friendly to me and try to move the homeless population around all the time. Also, the fires are a downer
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Santa Rosa is a small city in Northern California. We are also known as part of Wine County since we have various wineries around the rural areas of Santa Rosa. There is a plethora of diversity across Santa Rosa and the community feeling is very strong. When the 2017 wildfires ran through our city the whole community came together in order to help each other grow and to take care of one another.
Santa Rosa is a very beautiful city in wine country. It has great weather, good educational opportunities, and job potential. It's main problem is housing costs.
It's a nice and peaceful quiet town. Hard if you're young because no night life. Housing is skyrocketing in prices
Santa Rosa is a big town with a lot to do. I love living down the street from the mall. However, the section I live in is very run down. The poorer communities aren’t treated fairly, and the gang violence makes it hard to have guests.
Let me start off by saying I do love Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. It will always as I grew up here. But Santa Rosa and Sonoma County unless you are in healthcare or some other high paying job this is not a place for working people. It is not like San Francisco with the high paying jobs. You can make $50-$60k and live like you are poor when almost anywhere else is in America you would be doing just fine. Santa Rosa has basically the high cost of the bay area but no jobs to support it.
I like the ability to walk to different places such as the mall, fast food places, and friend's houses. However, most everything else isn't admirable. I personally don't like this town very much and there isn't anything that stands out about it. The people are average and only one high school is good for college prep.
Santa Rosa is a beautiful place to live with nice homes. However the housing cost of living is so high and the average pay is so low its hard to live a quality life when you can barely support your family. For that im a current resident trying to move out of santa rosa and california in general.
Very boring, unexciting town. Too quiet. Not enough events or entertainment. This is a town only for old people. There is no nightlife. The people are okay. The water is very bad, too much chlorine.
I moved to California in 2015 and it has been an interesting adjustment. Located in beautiful wine county, Santa Rosa is home to many diverse families. If you are looking for a stunning location with impressive schools, Santa Rosa would be a great place.
Santa Rosa is a beautiful city in California. Even though it does have its bad sides, it is still a very welcoming and beautiful city. We have gone through a lot of disasters and everyone still finds a way to help each other out and be happy and continue on. We have learned to come together as one and be proud of our city.
Well lots homelessness due to two fires in two years homes are very pricey but the wine country is diverse many jobs are available it's the mecca of cannabis the pinnacle of the emerald triangle all in all its with it
I love the weather! We are close to the beach, beautiful redwood trees, and amazing wineries. Santa Rosa gave a mix of amazing food, it is the hub for micro breweries and we have lots of shopping options as well.
Something I would like to see change is the housing price it is very expensive. There is a lot more people than there used to be causing more expensive homes to be built.
I like how there is so many different job opportunities and overall there are a lot of things to do in Santa Rosa. Some things that can be improved are the roads in lower income neighborhoods.
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Santa Rosa is a unique town where there are parts that are still looking like the 1960’s and there are parts that have been recently innovated. I grew up in an area where only a handful goes to college while others dedicate themselves to selling drugs, the charter school I attended helped direct me into the right path and after school there was a lot to do around the city. They are constantly renovating and trying to bring the community together with events that are put on year after year. All is well but I believe the city should care a bit more for the public schools, they should host a school material drive where people donate supplies and later families of low income go and get supplies for their children so they could be prepared for the school year.
I like that everything that you need is not far from one another and that it isn't a huge city. I would consider this a good size town that has something for everyone.
I have always grown up in Santa Rosa. It is not a big city but isn’t a small town where you would have to travel far for groceries.
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