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I'm born and raised here and it has changed! Not for the better! Sales tax is 10.25%, the new apartments being built are between $3000 and $7000 so housing is not affordable, the homeless people are everywhere and go to the bathroom and lay where they want, I don't feel safe in my city anymore, the counsel people try to say crime is down but it's not
Santa Monica has great working opportunities, and education is great up to community college. Homelessness is a problem, but we got great people working on it.
I feel Santa Monica needs to work on the homeless issue as well as additional services to those who are working to get back on their feet but all in all, I love Santa Monica!
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Great city but quite a few homeless people everywhere. Santa Monica has everything you could want in a city if you know where to go and everything you dont want in a city if you go to the wrong places.
Great views everywhere with peaceful people. Has amazing parks and a beach where one can relax. It is a clean city for the most part.
The police need to change their protocol and procedures they use on people in Santa Monica. They need to stop police brutality and get reevaluated for their jobs. Many SMPD police do not care about the citizens the way they claim they do. They just harass people and act like a gang them selves. SMPD will do anything to cover them selves in any court dispute and will go to great extents just to not be viewed as a bad city. The city is corrupt and needs help.
Great experience! Unfortunately, too many homeless people. It’s really changed since I grew up there and graduated in 1981. But the weather is perfect! It starts off with an overcast morning leading into beautiful sunshine by noon. Not to be missed!
I have lived in Santa Monica for 13 years now. I absolutely love living here. It's clean, people are nice, and its a pretty safe city. There are different tourist attraction like the multiple beaches, santa monica pier, montana avenue, and more. The schools are some of the best in the country.
Its a very diverse town with a very caring community and strong voices in protest of the rights and wrongs and make Santa Monica a better place. People show great pride in what they do and what they beleive in. The youth are very ambitions to carve there path for there future carrers. Among the many things Santa Monica provides many opportunities of housing for those of low income and help be a part of this community. As it is a safe enviorment even at night where it is very bright and lively with many diffierent color lights. Its an town with opportunities and challages you learn to accept and grow out of it to make the impossible possible.
Safe neighborhood and kept very clean! Homeless population has been skyrocketing and I think the Santa Monica community would benefit from a shelter of some kind or food services.
I live here and the SM Government is so poorly managed it’s a joke. Yes we have lots of sunshine but that’s about it right now. They just gutted City Gov’t/services laying off hundreds of very important people. Downtown is a ghost town now that tourism has dried up. For years the city has only cared about driving tourists to the area which had clogged our streets and beaches. That’s all gone now and residents are left to pick up the pieces. Crime has sky rocketed (good luck getting the police to do anything constructive) homelessness is rampant (you can thank our neighbor Los Angeles and it’s nutty Mayor) and housing prices are astronmical. How Santa Monica made number 1 on your list makes no sense at all.
Better pedestrian areas. It’s hard to explore the promenade and dodge stuff. I don’t understand why the streets are scrubbed and sanitized on a daily basis but the public restrooms are locked, it makes no sense.
The transient situation and crime have dramatically spiked and are out of control. As a female, I no longer feel safe walking around thanks to multiple threatening encounters. Human feces is commonplace in the alleys. The parks are essentially unusable to residents, as are the libraries. I would highly encourage anyone thinking about moving here to spend a few days first to see how living here dramatically does not match the city’s marketing campaign.
Santa Monica is a small city within a big city, and it has all the best that both have to offer. Add to that the beaches, the pier, the 3rd street promenade and what you've got is...well, what you've got is a lot of tourists. But they're not so bad. And you still get all the cultural institutions throughout Los Angeles, the museums, the zoo, Griffith Park, the Lakers, the Dodgers, and the Rams, and so much more. You've got downtown L.A. with all its new trendy spots, but closer you've got Santa Monica's lovely little downtown.

Santa Monica schools are very good and keep getting better. There are parks in every neighborhood, and plenty of dog parks too. Of course the real estate is so expensive that no one can afford to buy anything there anymore. It's a great place for renters, not such a great place for landlords.
Beach and laid back vibe is relaxing and easy going. Its nice to stroll on the pier or boardwalk near the beach. The stores are great to walk around. If you are young and enjoy going out, they have a great nightlife. The only downside is parking is hard to come by and not free for most.
I absolutely love living in Santa Monica! The beach is beautiful, streets are clean and full with life. People around here are very kind. There’s an abundance of nice restaurants, bars, and stores. It is definitely filled with tourism but other than that, Santa Monica is the perfect spot to settle in!
I grew up in Santa Monica and I love it here. It has everything from beaches to mountains and I have never run out of anything to do. Also, the people are really nice and everyone minds there own business. Walking is the best commute.
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Santa Monica is overall a decent place to live in if you are new to the Westside of LA. It's a bustling beach city! However it is sort of expensive for not a great atmosphere at times, but I mean it is a part of the tourist trap of California.
Well, right now during corona virus some of the residents seem to be friendlier. They use to walk around with attitudes that they were better than you, if you appeared less then. But, now they are realizing everyone is now on equal playing field. Some, even have lost there homes or not enough money to buy food, lost there jobs. It's terrible it takes an pandemic, to bring a community of people together.
Santa Monica is a happening place. Less traffic, people are friendly and safe. Santa monica has a great college which is number 1 public college to transfer to the best university in United states
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