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Sanford is a pretty large town with it’s good and bad sides. Its ok but I would prefer Lake Mary or winter park as a place to live to be honest. The waterfront is beautiful, and has a nice park if you have kids. We actually looked at a few properties over there and they were nice, but Priced just a little outside what we were willing to pay.
Old homes restored and beautiful yard. Downtown area growing with more choices. Beautiful lakefront with walking path, children's playground, picnic area
Downtown has great food and little shops. All around the mall you can pretty much find all the food you want. Easy commute to I4, 417, and 429. New neighbors are popping up all over the place making it look new and fresh.
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It's a peaceful place to live. What I like most is the town of Sanford because it is a bit rustic and reminds me of my country, Puerto Rico. It also has a lake in which people go to exercise daily. Right next to it there is a park for minors and it is very good and quiet.
Sanford is definitely diverse. It's a large city just above the smaller town of Lake Mary. With hispanics, caucasians, African Americans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Asians, Liberals, Conservatives, you name it. Sanford's residents are the epitome of a melting pot. Downtown Sanford is great for night life. There are constantly events and bars to attend.
The community as a whole is positive even though there are a lot of homeless walking round when its dark its not always safe.
Sanford is a town in the sunshine state of Florida. The population is rapidly growing. The people background are kinda similar but you do meet all kinds of people. Everything is close by. They should probably update some places but overall a good place to start life with.
Everyone knows everybody. There are many stores where you can find everything you need. A diverse town with many things to find to do.
Sanford is honestly a mix of a bunch of cultures that are Americanized, which I enjoy experiencing what others bring from their own hometown. They are doing the one thing that needs to be change which is cleaning up the place and turning old into new.
My family has lived in the city of Sanford for many generations. I have heard so many stories about how Sanford has grown into the city it is today. Some of the stories are very proud, and some stories of course wish it was less crowded than it is now. I personally am not opposed to changed, but I love how the city has still maintained the historical side of the city which leaves the ability to educate our youth on our past and the many transformations of the city.
Quiet town with a lot of history, along with a great new night life and plenty of nature around town to enjoyed by all.Prefect for a walk or a quick bite before boarding the Auto Train. Quaint shops and small town feel. Brick paved streets and many covered side walks. A lot of The local businesses of restaurants, the riverfront and events that are always taking place always gives something for friends and family to do on a weekday or weekend!
Sanford is a small town. Most people were born and raised there with there families. Just like any small town anything that happens everyone knows. There is a lot of love filled in the town and there are many talented people.
Sanford is very family-friendly . Lived in Sanford for over 25 years . Yeah three kids in Sanford schools .The scores are very good and the teachers really care about the students. Sanford has really grown over the years with the boardwalk and many restaurants and bars always something to do .
I have had such great experiences in Sanford. They have many great restaurants and shops that are easily located and they have something for everyone. The downtown Sanford area is cute and a great date night location, my favorite event is the food truck invasion every month. Everyone in this area is very friendly.
Sanford is a great city to live and grow up in with relatively easy access to the surrounding cities. It's close enough to Orlando to enjoy tourist attractions, but not too overwhelmingly close. It's close to the St. John's River which provides for great summer days on the river and it's surrounding amenities. However, there are two very distinct sides of Sanford, one that is newer and another that is more rundown. Overall a great city to live in.
My family has lived in Sanford for many years and it has improved so much over the span of 10 years!
I have been in the Sanford area basically my whole life. I completed all of my years of elementary school, middle school, and high school here. I loved every single school I went to. I always had many friends and created great relationships with teachers that I still see to this day. I also work in Sanford at a restaurant and I get treated pretty well. There is always that one customer that can skew the data but for the most part I love working in sanford. There are many businesses in the area as well. And I would recommend sanford for familys because their are many great school and its all about the area that you are in and the research that you need to do to find the right schools and after care centers. I would love to see the night life change but also the nightlife being horrendous makes it even more of a family friendly place but a new bowling alley or laser tag place wouldn't hurt it would give kids a safe place to hang out.
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I've been living in Sanford for 24v years and love it here. the weather is nice the peoples are very nice and willing to help when help is needed. the schools are fantastic and the education is awesome. there's plenty of activities to do here like going to the park, bowling fishing etc. the community is very peaceful there's hardly any harmful things going on here. Sanford is a wonderful city to visit, I really recommend it.
I have lived in Sanford for 10 years now. My two children went to Sanford elementary, middle and high school. My daughter is graduating this year from Seminole High. My son is a Sophomore at Seminole High. They both have had great years, great teachers and have made great friends.
It has been a long time since I was there but it was a great place because iris in the middle of everything
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