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Sanford is a great small town it has some history tied to it. I would like to see more activities in Sanford. Also, make the town more environmentally friendly and I think that the schools should look better and there should be more opportunities for schooling, jobs, and other things as well.
Sanford is a cute little town with a low population density. It has many job opportunities, but it is not nearly as busy as a big city like Raleigh. One thing that needs to improve about Sanford is the usage of profits that go to the schools. Our (public) schools tend to waste money, which can offen lead to a decreased budget for athletes.
I love the hometown feel without the congestion of a large city. You're thirty minutes away from anything you'd like to do. You also have the advantage of having the mountains and beaches within two and a half hours.
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Sanford is a quiet and peaceful city. There are several shopping places and excellent food choices. The people are friendly and respectful and welcoming.
I love my city, I was born and raised in Sanford. I love how we can come together as a community to support our children, handicapped & and elderly people. The only main thing I would change is the fact that no real crimes are ever really solved here. I feel as though we have lost a lot of friends, family and even strangers with no real commitment to solving these most often murders. There are several people in our local jail that are in there for all kinds of reasons but the right reason. That is something that ways heavy on my mind because there are really people waking around free as a bird knowing that they have threatened, hurt, injured and even have taking lives with no reprocusions. I dont think Law enforcement really care about guilt or innocence, they only care about looking like they are doing there jobs not actually doing there job. That is my opinion
We love Sanford! I am a transplant from the Midwest. We are close to the big city, but still enjoy small town life with stores close by for shopping, also variety of local restaurants and shopping. Local breweries in Sanford and many more within driving distance. Great day hiking and parks in the area. Sanford is a small town that is growing.
I started work at LCI which tat mean (Lee Country Industries). and another i can go online and look for different places to work, and also ask someone or my parents to help me with something having trouble doing. What I’m to do this year I want to learn to cook meals myself like spaghetti, burgers, chicken wings, and vegetables. After I graduate college I choose staying in Greensboro as my first choice or go back to Sanford my hometown is my second option. my future job wants to a computer technician and open a shop, i want fixing desktop computers, phones, games consoles, computer monitors and learning how to image and monitoring. If there I was a emergency back in hometown in Sanford i can contract them by email and cell phone if there is an emergency at home or with family. I’m autistic I’m doing my internship with the IT Department Research in the MHRA building learning how to fix computer monitors, games consoles, phones, iPad/tablets I do workout at the gym on the weekend.
Quiet town with nice residents for the most part. Many options for shopping although many are missing like Target. A lot of great local restaurants. Growing at a fast rate near Walmart area.
My experience growing up in Sanford, NC has been like no other. It's not perfect but I wouldn't trade it for anything. What I like most about my town is that it is small. And in some cases, it feels like a family. We come together as one when needed. And never let others speak negatively of it. One of the things I would like to see a change in is how the adults of the community instill knowledge into the youth. It’s not seen enough and it needs to change immediately. Most of the youth in my community feel that they have to be trapped into staying here their whole lives working a day in, day out job just to make ends meet. I would love to see a change in this because I personally want to beat the statistics that others see in my town. I feel the youth in my community are worth so much more than what they see others do. And I hope to one day instill my own knowledge into it.
I have lived in sanford for fourteen years, the diversity of people is amazing this is a big military town people from all over live here. The weather is always nice and police and local authorities keep everyone safe there is a very low crime rate. The job market here is amazing you can get a job from a teacher all the way to a welder, you can get any type of job and everyone is nice to one another.
Sanford is my home town and I've been working downtown for the last eight years. The people in this town really care about eachother, they care about keeping the town itself clean and pretty. Actually the last few years we have together collected money and constructed side walks, painted beautiful murials on the sides of our old brick buildings, and put more money into the schools to expand our educational opportunites. I can't point out something particular that needs changing. As there is no perfect town I do believe Sanford is putting there best foot forward to better each other and help our community have a better life.
Sanford has a small town feel. In the community everybody knows everybody which is a good thing. The one thing I would change would be adding more activities for the youth.
Sanford is a really good place to live the people are very nice and the areas you can live in are pretty good. The entertainment is not very good but the drive to area where the entertainment is not far it would about a thirty minute drive to find good places to go.
It’s a very nice place to go and eat and shop at local venders. I think that the crime rate needs to change because you see a lot of gun violence going on.
Very Nice neighborhood and, near a military installation. Lots of family activities to do. Its Quiet
pretty bland. i like it in sanford but it’s really lame. you meet good people sometimes, though. but not usually. it’s home but it’s not great.
I've lived in Sanford for the past 4 and a half years and honestly it hasn't been that thrilling. It's a pretty average town with pretty average people. I have liked the size of it better than a big city, but there's not a lot to do. There's a few stores, some typical places to eat, and a movie theater but that's about it. Sanford is also not the safest town, but I have been blessed to live in the safe part of town in a gated community. I have liked Sanford for the most part, but am excited for a change very soon.
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Sanford is awesome! I'm a really good friend with an acclaimed student who has been very active in the Sanford community and she has really brought me in to helping the community as well. She spent months getting bike racks in the town and I realize that she spent so much time and energy and put so much effort to get bike racks and it took this long, and I realized that I should get involved more too, and it's been such an amazing experience.
Sanford is usually boring as there is little to do. Most people are friendly and most neighborhoods are safe. There are many employment opportunities, especially at restaurants. There are two high schools and a community college which are fairly close to each other.
Sanford is a quiet, country town with immense diversity but low employment opportunity. A family friendly place characterized by dining opportunities.
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