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With the factor that it is a small town, and a close knit community. This area is an ideal spot to grow either as a family, or as an individual. Those who are active in the community like to keep things lively and festive. On a personal note I live outside of the initial city limits, which I love being on the outskirts of the town, in addition to being a great place to disconnect from the outside telecommunications.
Waynesburg, Ohio is a small town,. A tow that holds a lot of Italian history. We have the finest pizza in the area. The community has a brand new high school.
It's such a nice town. The majority of people are friendly and very helpful around the town. The town is adding new things all the time, like a new walking track we just got.
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There's hardly ever any crime in my area.
The most popular companies that hire the most people are are McDonalds and Subway.
There's not many local businesses where I live and I haven't been to any of the ones we have.
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