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Sandy is full of kind people and good neighbors. It is clean and very child friendly. The schools are excellent with great teachers. You are central to the city which makes commute relatively reasonable to anywhere in the valley.
Sandy is a great place to live. You're close to the mountains for skiing in the winter and camping in the summer. There's many places to find to shop at and you can always find something to do here. I have felt safe here, I have lived in this city for about six years now. It's also not as busy because you're not too far but far enough from downtown.
I like the atmosphere of Sandy. It's got fun things to do and beautiful views of the mountains. There are fun places to go and fun places to eat. There are art events that are fun to go to, and not too expensive.
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Super clean environment and enjoy the awesome view of the mountains not to far off.
Really like how they stay on top of the snow blowing as well keeping the streets clean and safer to drive on.
I've thoroughly enjoyed living in Sandy, UT. Restaurants, fast food joints, and Costco are all within driving distance. My family and I live in a relatively safe neighborhood. I've also attended caucasses. My neighbors have been quite kind too in helping me trip the trees and get rid of the branches. The county provides dumpsters so i can't complain about that.
I have loved living in Sandy for 17 years. There is very low crime and a high level of community pride. I can go running early in the morning and feel safe and trust that if something did happen that it would be properly handled by the great police department we have. Good teachers at all of the schools in the area with diversity programs and ways to feel involved.
Sandy is a really nice area to live and work in. There are lots of shopping, schools, nice neighborhoods, and public transportation. In general this location is safe and clean. It does lack diversity.
Sandy is a great city. It has nice housing and very nice neighbors. It is ultimately a very great community.
Schools around here are pretty good. There are lots of opportunities for outdoor recreation with the mountains being so close. Not as expensive as living in Salt Lake.
I love it here, it's a great place to be and I always feel safe. There are lots of parks and young families, fun place to be.
Sandy, Utah is an amazing place to live. The possibilities are endless when you live in Sandy, Utah. You are 15minutes from nearly anything you want to do. It's only a short 15minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City, the mouth of the canyon, and anywhere else you would like to go. It's a safe, clean, welcoming city to live in. Anyone would love to love in Sandy. I don't have any complains about it.
I like the community and the fact that sandy is close to everything. It is a good location for raising a family. It is also a very safe neighborhood.
Though there's little crime and it's generally family-friendly, there is no diversity. Life in Sandy is much different as a minority than it is as someone who is not a minority (rating safety, job opportunities, and "family friendly" is difficult for this reason).
Sandy is, for the most part, a very good place to live and raise a family. It generally a very safe area, and somewhere that you don't have to worry about your house being broken into.
It's a quaint little suburban area. I like the location because it's close to Salt Lake City (about a half hour drive) and Salt Lake City International Airport (about 20 minute drive) but the city life doesn't interfere. The housing is great and is currently being renovated.
I love this town, the people and area are amazing. It lacks in night life but it is a suburb so that's what you could expect.
Sandy has a good community feel, most people are very kind, and it has been a great place for my young siblings. The land is beautiful, there are very old trees that give the area a lot of character. Other than peoples driving skills, I feel like Sandy is a great place to live.
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Great neighborhood. We have one the investor in the city in the state. I feel safe as far abundance of crimes.
I have recently moved to Sandy, UT. I love it so far. If you are a lover of the outdoors and skiing then this is the place for you. In this location you are within a 30 minute drive of 5 different ski resorts, some of them being the best in the nation. Park City is just up the canyon and has many events that attract people from all over the world. There are also great places to to go camping, mountain biking, and backpacking near by. There is also a lot of development with great shopping, and entertainment. The public schools are great and have very successful sports programs. There is also a local professional soccer team in the city. Overall it is a great place to live.
I love the friendly atmosphere and the physical surroundings, the mountains are beautiful! My neighborhood is very friendly and welcoming, and people are always looking out for each other. We have a great community!
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