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Being close to basic services is a big plus. Sandusky also has a good school system and a couple of nice parks. There are too many sketchy people wandering around town and no traffic policing in the residential areas. Lots of people like to speed around and run stop signs here. A stronger police department would be a good thing. The neighborhoods in Sandusky need a lot of work. Teens and young adults don't really have anything to do here, either. The city leaders don't seem to care about the residential neighborhoods.
It's a pretty average midwestern town. When we go out to have fun it's typically going to Dairy Queen and Walmart. But there are other things to do. There's a bowling alley, movie theater, and two public parks. Although
It’s an extremely small town where the jobs are basically just fast food, factory, or retail. There’s nothing to do here, the people aren’t real friendly, and the schools aren’t the best. I’ve had many problems with the elementary school with my kids. My son has thrown up at school and had a fever of 103 (he was fine that morning) and I didn’t receive a call. And he’s only in kindergarten. My step daughter has been bullied badly and the school won’t do anything about it, so has my son. The secretaries are very rude whenever you have to talk to them about anything. There isn’t anything to do here with the kids in the winter or even my husband unless we just want to drink at a bar that’s overly priced, see a movie, or eat. In the summer the kids have the park and splash pad but that’s it. There’s isn’t many jobs available and the pay is too low. My husband and I are planning to move as soon as we can.
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This town is very friendly. The school is very active in the community, and respectful to the past. The school NHS club worked hard to raise the money to bring the Vietnam Moving Wall to this town. There is also plenty of restaurants and parks so you can find something to do on any given day.
Sandusky is a very family friendly place to take your kids to the nice park that has had many improvements and the flag of remembrance that happens every year that the Sandusky high school, VFW and American Legion has made happen so well.
Sandusky was a town that is slowly growing it has several good points but also several bad points. The park is very nice, but the people in the area can be a little shady. The school system is alright but I wouldn't say that it was the best.
I've grown up and lived in Sandusky my whole life! It's a very small town, population around 3,000. It's a very quiet and safe neighborhood with an amazing school district. Sandusky is a great place to raise children too!
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