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One thing I like most about San Mateo is the different stores and restaurants it has to offer. There is always something new to enjoy about San Mateo. The other thing about San Mateo is the different events in the area. From the Fall chili cook off to the Winter Ice Skating park in Central Park, there is always something interesting and new in San Mateo.
Excellent neighborhood, great schools in the area. Especially Aragon High School. You have a balance of a neighborhood scene but also have many places and options to find interesting activities to do. The only downside is that it is in the Bay Area and it can be extremely expensive place to live.
PROS: Vibrant downtown; most ethnicities of food found in city or area; multiplex theater; lots of shopping, including bookstores; good public transportation; great parks, with events including free concerts during summer and outdoor ice rink in winter; community college (CSM); multiple farmers markets; large diversity of people & cultures; beautiful weather; 3 great community theaters nearby: Hillbarn Theatre in Foster City and Broadway by the Bay and Redwood City Community Theater in Redwood City. CONS: Heavy traffic during morning & afternoon commutes, creating dangerous & rude drivers detouring themselves to smaller residential streets to avoid freeway & main arteries, posing safety hazards to pedestrians and bike riders; recent increase in auto break-ins, although this is peninsula-wide problem; VERY expensive rent & home prices ($2K+ for one-bedroom apartments); downtown could use more venues with live music and/or comedy acts.
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I just moved here four months ago. It is absolutley lovely here. It is an expensive neighborhood, but for how safe I feel, and how kind the people in this area are, it definitely was worth it.
San Mateo is a safe, secure neighborhood that fosters many families. Nearby downtowns provide many opportunities for healthy eating and enjoyable day trips around town.
I love San Mateo and Park Place area where I live. There is everything you need and its safe and perfect weather.
San Mateo is a big city with many things to do like downtown and going to the mall which they just rebuilt with a movie theater. There also a ton of small stores and yummy restaurants.
Good schools, mid-way point of the Peninsula, unfortunately very expensive to live in as is with most of the Bay Area.
San Mateo is an amazing place to live in. I grew up here and I can say that it is such an enriching community. Their are so many friendly people and everything about this place makes me feel like I fit in. The education is great, as well as so many amazing programs we have to further help the people in our community. This is not the most affordable place to live, but many make an effort to live here because of how great it is.
I've lived in San Mateo for over 15 years and I can say with assurance that it is a great place. It has great public schools, is relatively safe and mostly quiet. Because of its close proximity to San Francisco (a 30 minute drive) if you're looking to do anything it's pretty close by. The catch is that housing is extremely expensive, where just about any house is at least 1 million.
San Mateo is a nice and family-friendly suburb with many local shops and restaurants. It's clean and the people are friendly.
I have lived in this area my whole life. We are very diverse and low crime. Weather is always pretty mild. I wish we could get more affordable housing though!
San Mateo is the ideal place to raise a family with it's outstanding schools, close knit community, diversity, beautiful parks, the Marina Lagoon, an amazing destination downtown, and a plethora of restaurants to dine at.

In my neighborhood, NorthEast Parkside, the homes are all well-kept (yes, they are all well over a million dollars, but money doesn't buy everything), and genuinely good neighbors who are compassionate and caring. I have the key to my neighbor's house and they have mine... that is just how much we trust and rely on each other.

The only drawback to San Mateo is, of course, the high cost of living and housing prices. The median price of a home in San Mateo is currently $1.4 million so those looking to enter the housing market are finding it nearly impossible, many are driven out of the market which is unfortunate.
San Mateo is such a rich place to live. It is very family oriented. Everyone in San Mateo grows up knowing everyone. Living here is pricey but it is worth it. The people bond so richly. As a pacific islander, I grew up feeling like I belonged because there were so many people that looked just like me which is rare now that I have moved away from San Mateo. I felt as if I belonged to a community of family and friends. The education is great but not so diverse, it consists of mostly white people but still many Polynesians compared to other cities which was really cool. San Mateo is beautiful and growing fast, economically. The college of San Mateo is awesome and has a great education and athletic program.
Great place to live. Not too much to do in the downtown area besides have a meal at restaurants. However, the proximity to San Francisco does enable anyone to visit a large city for fun.
I have lived in San Mateo my entire life. The majority of people are friendly, and in many places you feel like you're in a small town.
I have lived in San Mateo most of my life so I have basically grown up here. The community and environment is nice and although there are many aspects to it, overall it is a nice place to be living. Public schools here are pretty diverse as well as everyone living here. It is a safe place and is family friendly. Although affordability is not the greatest and people seem to struggle a lot with not only the sale prices of homes and rent as well, many many people live here. I would not really say it is overpopulated though. Overall, San Mateo is a beautiful city with a nice and diverse community.
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I love San Mateo ! There is so much to so here including the mall, parks, shopping centers unique restaurants and the local community college which is great for studnets trying to save money and figure out what career they wish to pursue. The one thing I wish San Mateo was better at is the public transportation. Buses are often late and run behind schedule.
What I like about San Mateo is that you can find everything and that its diversity in race. What I would like to see San Mateo change would the road treatment they leave the roads to really bad than they fix them. Also I would like to see them more roads because San Mateo is growing and the traffic is getting really bad to the point that you do not what to go when there is traffic.
I really like how San Mateo is very safe. There aren't a lot of crimes around here because the police do a very good job of protecting and serving. The schools are very high quality, and all students of San Mateo schools are guaranteed a good education. San Mateo is also very diverse.
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