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Great location, close drive to the beach and San Diego. Nice weather, nice neighborhoods. Many good restaurants and cafes.
Living in San Marcos is nice, generally quiet, and definitely a place for families. In San Marcos you can find that there are various activities to do in nature such as hiking trails, natural reserves and local parks. In this area there is also a diversity in eatery with Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese restaurants to name a few. Here there is something for everyone.
San Marcos is a lovely place to live. With easy access to places to shop and freeways, there are many things to do. You can go golfing, hiking, to the lake, to the pool, and visit the beautiful viewpoints. I have lived here since I was born. The school system is amazing, they provide many resources to help you attend college at a lower cost. San Marcos is a city that is growing, which includes a University and a community college that is ranked the top in the state. Around the city there are parks almost everywhere you go. This is a family friendly neighborhood with a low crime rate, however it is a city that is getting more and more expensive. The beach is about ten to fifteen minutes away, if you are looking for a place for you family or for yourself this is the place to do it.
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It's a small college town that is rather safe. Close proximity to beaches and fun cities. Great dining, great for families, and good public schools. It is rather diverse and the people are friendly.
I like my town its kind of still building new things which is great. North city is trying to be its own new modern city. The people are good and the amount of places to go and shop is satisfactory.
San Marcos is a great City to live in. It's safe, everything that you can possibly need is close by. Shops, food, entertainment. It's a great City for college students and families to live in.
San Marcos, CA is a quite city but is definitely up and coming as CSUSM is growing. Since I've lived here the last 2 years there has been a ton of growth and development at the school and around. The city itself doesn't recognize them to be a college town yet but really should.
It is a beautiful city in San Diego County. It is s high end area that is s little pricey, but worth it in relation to minimal to no homeless presence.
San Marcos is a wonderful community. It is very clean and comfortable. Being a college student and living at home I am exempt from dealing paying for rent. But for most college students this is not the case. Many of my friends cannot afford rent in the local area. Finding places to live is very difficult and the local apartments are at an all time high, it often feels that the community is trying to push away college students. On the other hand there are plenty of resources in the community to help low-income families, lots of parks, safe walking/hiking trails, and I would consider it a safe low crime county.
San Marcos is a great college town with lots to do. Great restaurants, bowling, movies, skate park, walking trails and loads more.
It is a nice city, but the traffic is very bad. There are many nice restaurants to go to and the people are nice. It has many different stores, you can find anything you need here.
San Marcos grows every day. The community is extremely friendly and has almost everything you need once you walk out of the door. There are numerous activities you can do in San Marcos such as hiking at Double Peaks or shopping at the plazas. In addition, there are multiple public schools that are fairly ranked on academics and extracurriculars. Altogether, San Marcos is a safe and friendly place to live and one of its benefits is being the vicinity of other areas such as Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, and Carlsbad.
San Marcos overall has an amazing community. Its right in the middle of everything and there's a ton to do! There could be a little more food options, as I find my friends, family, and I eat about the same things, however, what we do have is great! Schools are also great, but beginning to overcrowd.
I have live all my life in San Marcos and it’s the perfect place to start a family. It’s clean and mostly everyone is super friendly.
San Marcos is a small suburban town located in North San Diego county. There are two major high schools, divided by the 78 freeway. The town has grown a lot in the last 15 years.
San Marcos is a nice suburb of San Diego about 10 or so miles from the beaches. With plenty of trails and housing development occurring the city seems to never stop growing and has a myriad of activities for nature lovers. The main street, San Marcos Blvd has the most concentration of restaurants in the area on their "restaurant row" and it is quite a diverse town. With two high schools, two three middle schools, and a variety of elementary schools their are many options when it comes to education. Areas near Palomar community College and Cal State San Marcos are also becoming more urban to cater to the collegiate population. The sub area of San Elijo has also been developing beautifully and only enriches San Marcos's diversity. San Marcos may not be a bustling urban city, but it is far from a quaint rural town. In fact San Marcos balances its urban and rural aspects beautifully to make for a truly dynamic suburb
Really great city, the schools are nice as well as other public areas such as parks and shopping centers. Nice and calm area.
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San Marcos is a very clean city and offers really good programs to be involved with our community. Also, we have many ways of transportation, as the bus and sprinter, we can go from San Marcos all the way to Oceanside. It helps us to connect to other communities and work.
San Marcos is a very lovely place to live. San Marcos is very nice to come visit.
I love everything about San Marcos from the food to the people. The food is very homemade and Mexican food is my favorite. The people are very nice and have great sense of humor and pride. I would raise a family here in San Marcos and open up my own business. The location is perfect and the beach is not far away.
I recently moved to San Marcos and love how everything is conveniently placed and you don’t have to travel far.
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