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A great town full of natural beauty and outdoor experiences. Its a big small town. You know everyone around. A reason for my rating is house prices, and a lack of diversity. San Luis Obispo is in a desperate need of Affordable housing as many can not afford to live here. It is sad to see people who have lived here for years having to pack up and move and be replaced by some Tesla family. A lack of diversity is also a problem here. While not terrible, there is some racism and homophobia in SLO. While this town is listed conservative in political views I would say it is moderate due to the college students here. Overall SLO is a beautiful place and a great place to raise a family.
The town is literally what you would imagine. A slow paced but very tight nit community. I love going to the farmers market downtown and eating some delicious food and seeing the entertainment the community puts on. I would like to see cost of living go down a bit, it is too pricy to live here.
I grew up here in SLO and it’s a great town! Lots of college town vibes and there’s always something happening. I’m still enjoying being here during college!
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Beautiful area on the Central Coast. It would be nice if they didn't allow so many chains to go in the downtown area, as now it has become a mini Santa Barbara. Fun college town, but would like to see more diversity.
San Luis Obispo is the perfect blend of urban and rural. The nature is beautiful and it's right in between LA and SF, making day trips either way pretty convenient.
San Luis Obispo is a small town located close to the beach, wine tasting venues, and is a family friendly environment. When school is in session, this small town changes into a college student's dream of vibrant nightlife, outdoor activities, and healthy living.
San Luis Obispo (SLO) has been a lovely place to grow up that has provided with a balanced lifestyle. SLO has a perfect mix of nature and city. The ocean, mountains and vineyards surrounds the town with unlimited beauty. Such a peaceful place, the downtown is very cute and has lots of local shops which hopefully does not change. There is a University in the town which provides a lot of night life. The thing I would like to see change in San Luis Obispo are some of the public structures that look very dated and distract from the beauty of the town. The town has also been discovered by tourist, so hopefully SLO never becomes overrun with tourists.
My experience here in San Luis Obispo has been wonderful. Everyone is super friendly, the weather is pretty much the same all year, and the farmer's market is easily the best in America. This town has so much to offer like a plethora of hiking and biking trails, the beach nearby, helicopter tours, and the very first Jamba Juice location! The one thing I would change about this town would be drive thru's. There are none! It would be nice to have a drive thru or an In-N-Out in the city limits. Other than that I have no other complaints about the town!
San Luis Obispo is a great city to go to college. It doesn't have that big city feel by any means and is a great place for food, amazing weather, and hillside sceneries and hikes. One thing to improve San Luis Obispo is just to build more residential homes for more people to enjoy!
It's nice to grow up in but after living there for many years it gets boring. Fun to visit, but nothing to do if you live there without spending lots of money. Everything about SLO is expensive
I LOVE how outdoorsy and hip this college town is! you wont run out of fun things to do on the weekends. Reasonable rent, but cost of living is higher due to the university.
San Luis Obispo is a beautiful town on the central coast of California. With great weather and a family friendly environment it is a great place to live.
I love how every morning in San Luis Obispo you wake up thankful for the beautiful city you live in. The fresh air, the greenest trees, forever blue skies and rolling hills set the foundation of the city. The locals and local college students energize the town bringing to life city. What I love most about this area is how close you are to so many beaches and wonderful hikes through nature.
Its been wonderful living here the past 4 years. Some neighborhoods are better than others but you'll get a wide range of ages and professions in most places. Closer to Cal poly you'll get more college age students but further out there are families and working professionals.
San Luis Obispo is a very small beach like town with shopping, good food, parks, and beaches to relax on. Overall, I would like to change the amount of homeless encampments and pollution left behind on the street. However, I feel this town is very safe and beautiful to live in. If you want to live here, expect housing to be expensive.
San Luis Obispo is fairly small, by design, so things a slower and more relaxed. At the same time, the college keeps things moving and ensures that there are a wide (if basic) variety of stores to shop at and activities to participate in.
Overall, living here is amazing, if you can afford it. Typical 2-bedroom rent is $2500/month, while median homes $600,000 and continue to increase. The outdoor activities are endless, from mountain biking, trail hiking, kayaking, sailing, and more. There is a local university, and community college as well as a well set up community for retirees. The night-life is well established with Farmers Markets and Concerts at the Mission. I could go on and on. The bummer...San Luis Obispo City Counsel has put the "Welcome" sign for the Homeless. This means, they are everywhere. The homeless typically are mentally ill and transcients. They occupy the bus stop benches to sleep, our beautiful parks are now littered with the homeless camping out at them day or night. For the most part, they are harmless, but I exercise caution around them. This is not the town I grew up in.
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San Luis Obispo is well known as the happiest place in the US, and it's not a lie. Everyone I have met in my time here has been super friendly. It is most definitely a college town, but there is plenty of young professionals and families in the area. This is the perfect paradise for those who are into hiking or going to the beach. The night life can be pretty fun if it's done with the right people. Something I would love to see change about SLO is the diversity. As a minority in this predominantly caucasian city, I can't help but notice the lack of other cultures. Other than that, SLO is pretty great.
Awful place if you are 40+ and looking for work. This area practices ageism. I have no criminal record of any type don't do drugs or drink and am a have certifications in my field and cannot find work here. The college jobs I have applied for had some older people 40 to 60 interviewing me . When I asked them when they were hired they stated in their late 20's and early 30's. I was shown the backdoor after one interview and the side door on another. Strange we were all laughing toward the end of the interview. Very plastic Los Angeles feel to the area now. And if you are white you are alright! Beware!
San Luis Obispo is an extremely welcoming place. Everything is close together (15 minutes to the beach and 10 minutes downtown) without it feeling too dense. Also the people here are very amicable, the one change I would like to see is making San Luis Obispo more diverse.
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