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San Francisco is a diverse, vibrant city that offers endless amounts of fun and discovery. We have bustling downtown, serene Ocean Beach, the colorful Mission District, and sunny Golden Gate Park-to name just a few. Between the plethora of public libraries, smorgasbord of museums, and smattering of parks and beaches, there's something for everyone. Although San Francisco is praised for its diversity and focus on social justice, the cost of living in the city is exorbitant. Gentrification is an enormous problem, especially among teachers and in the Mission District. Changes need to be made in order to make the cost of living in San Francisco affordable for everyone.
I love the diversity in San Francisco and the openness as well as the acceptance of race, gender, sexuality and culture that is so prevalent throughout the city. Each neighborhood has its own uniqueness to it and you can often see the cultural influence the residents have within their neighborhood, such as the Haight and Chinatown.
I think I would change how extremely expensive the cost of living in San Francisco and the increasing amounts of gentrification that is happening throughout the city. A lot of culture and diversity is being wiped away because of the tech industry gentrifying the city, taking away a lot of what makes San Francisco so unique.
Overall, there are many great job opportunities. There are some pretty great restaurants and great places to hike! However, the weather can be annoying. It's always about 50/60 degrees so if you are not a fan of cool weather, this city might not be for you.
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I appreciate that I can assume most people around me will have liberal leanings and in general I don't have to fear for my life based on who I am. However, there are so many people being pushed out of housing and who clearly need medical attention they are not receiving that one cannot ignore the affects of gentrification and housing crisis on the local community. There seems to be a smaller expected bubble of personal space in public than other large cities I've lived in as well as a total disregard for the expectation to cover one's mouth when coughing. The "open-mouth-cough" is audible in every space from every socio-economic class. It's beautiful and the weather is almost always lovely. The prices, though. Also, the fact that a window smashing is at least an annual expectance is disturbing (and accurate). Free City is an amazing program that allows people opportunities, though the people who need them are priced out of living in the city, the one requirement for the program.
San Francisco is a beautiful, diverse city that provides endless amount of activities and events. The city is made up of so many different cultures that it proudly expresses them all throughout the year.
Quite a nice city if you're able to make a *lot* of money, and are willing to block out the absolute misery and despair on display every time you look outside. The amount of poverty and homelessness is shocking to the conscience, there are people living in tents or under blankets on every street corner.
If you like colder wet weather this is the place for you. About ninety percent of the time is gloomy or overcast outside. However, when the sun comes out and the sky clears, its actually really beautiful. There's plenty of great restaurants, bars, parks and lots of family fun activities.
I go to school in the heart of San Francisco. The city, at first, was full of wonder and excitement. However, after being in the city for four years, I have found it to be dirty, crowded, and not the safest on the streets. It is a nice place to visit if you travel along the piers and into the Marina district and out towards lands end, but in the middle of downtown, you typically want to stay away especially near the Tenderloin district.

Aside from that, the city has many different cuisines to try and is always coming out with new places to eat and hang out with friends. This gives you the opportunity to meet new people and grow in new friendships as well as find new connections for future jobs in the area.
I was born and raised in San Francisco so I am very biased. I love my city. That being said, a lot has changed in the short 26 years that I have been around. It is very expensive and the tech industry has changed the culture in many neighborhoods. The city itself is still alive though and you can still find the true culture if you know where to look.
been here for 22 years.seen pretty much a lot of stuff here already. Would say there are some things that continue to still suprise me. I would say that its best to stay alert and on your toes over here, and to remember that everyone is out to have a good time here, be mindful, be respectful, and you will have an awesome time.
San Francisco has experienced economic booms and bust since its founding and the recent tech boom is no exception. It's a difficult place to find housing unless you have rent control, there is a homelessness crisis the city does not adequately address, and corporate livelihood has taken precedence over the residents of this city who are struggling to maintain their livelihoods here. The uniqueness of the city has been disappearing over the past decade and has been replaced by the ultra wealthy's desire for suburban life in an urban setting. San Francisco has been nearly destroyed by earthquakes throughout its history but the unnatural disaster that is the tech world might just leave a permanent wound that the city is incapable of healing from.
It is a small city with lots of various culture mixed. You can experience gourmet food, too. However, the cost of living is very high and this should be serously taken into account when you have a family to nurture.
I am stuck here but i must say its so sad how you can't get help! Im a low income single mom living in poverty in the most expensive city in the world! Why is it so hard to help someone ESPECIALLY when you have it! But out here no help just looks.....What does it feel like to have basic needs met????
San Francisco is a city full of life, diversity of ethnic, sexual orientation, religion, and other traits. The city life is fun with places like Fisherman's Wharf, The Golden Gate Bridge, Concert Venues, Theatres, Art Galleries, and Opera Houses. Victorian-style architecture is common around most of San Francisco. Also home to many Tech companies and a few hours away from Silicon Valley. The only downside is the traffic, high housing rates, and narrow streets.
The city is pretty good. There community is bustling and there are many people and things to do in the city. From food to entertainment, it is no wonder that this is one of the best cities in CA.
Exploring San Francisco will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a microcosm of the rest of the world. The seven-mile city is jam-packed with distinctive neighborhoods, including the oldest U.S. Chinatown, Little Italy (North Beach), and Little Latin America (the Mission). Flashback to the 1960s in the Haight, or feel the pride of the Castro. I dare you to try running out of activities there. There's endless hiking and foraging trails, pop-up exhibitions and monumental art galleries like the MOMA, and the occasional drag brunch to maximize your time. That said, rent is outrageous, techies have taken over, and the homeless population is largely neglected. Enter with excitement but realistic expectations.
Bed bugs. Rents 1000$ per room a month or more for a livable place. need more student housing. its a tourist trap, catering to the masses flying in and out on planes. The rich eat at 20-100$ plate dinners, while the rest live on 2$ burritos and burgers.
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I’ve lived here for the past 17 years, and even though people say that San Francisco is not a good place for you to raise your children, I feel like I had a pretty good experience as the child growing up in the city. It’s a very diverse city, so I’ve never felt out of place and there are always good food options to choose from no matter what area of town you are in. One downside though, is how long it takes to get places using public transportation. It takes me an hour to bus to school, and an hour to bus downtown as well.
San Francisco is a diverse and accepting city. Its residents come from all walks of life, which makes it a true melting pot. Overall, I am glad I get to call such an amazing city my hometown.
San Francisco, is the little city by the bay that I was born and raised in. From scenic views from the top of a hill, to the ocean from downtown; it is hard to find a more beautiful city to live in. I've been to New York City or Los Angeles, but no where is friendlier and more inviting than the city of San Francisco; from the streets with rainbows to the citizens who walk them.
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