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I enjoy the diversity and the lifestyles enjoyed by everyone here. I especially enjoy the sheer variety and amount of experiences and adventures available to partake in by the public, which I obviously take incredible advantage of.
There are places where you can go alone and enjoy time to yourself. Fisherman's wharf is especially nice for things like that. There are plenty of beaches which I personally love. In the city though, there are many homeless and rude people. The Golden Gate Park is also another great place to be.
San Francisco is a diverse community full of opportunities. While it may have its downsides, it continues to work on them in the most efficient way possible.
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I've grown up in SF my whole life and I love it here. It definitely has many issues, like the housing crisis and rampant homelessness which are hard to ignore. However, I love the diverse experiences the city has allowed me, especially with dining and exposure to different cultures.
San Francisco has great public transportation. There are a lot of good restaurants and stores. There is a lot of drug activity downtown which doesn’t make some feel safe.
San Francisco is a city that has everything you need. The public transit is fantastic and you can live here without ever having to leave the area.
I love the diversity that San Francisco offers. It is a melting pot of all different walks of life. I would like to advocate for free education and a plan to end homelessness.
San Francisco can be dirty but an enjoyable place. With many sights, attractions, and people to see, the fun never stops in San Francisco!
I just moved to San Francisco in the summer for school and so far I have had a lovely experience there. The people are nice and there is a lot to explore in the city.
The Food.
The food that you can get in San Francisco is fantastic. The bread is the best in the country, can't get it anywhere else in the state or world. The people are more or less friendly, just mind the oddities and keep a positive vibe.
I really like San Francisco as someone in my mid 20's. The restaurant scene is top notch and there is plenty of entertainment from museums to parks to bars. The tech-focused population and business environment is great for career development.

On the negative side, homelessness is sadly quite prevalent and the cost of living is challenging.
Great diversity. I would like to see more people that were born and/or raised here to actually able to stay and live in this city.
Great City that presents a lot of opportunity, but is very difficult economically. There are a lot of educational opportunities for preschool through college. With the constantly changing atmosphere of the city, it’s almost impossible to be bored.
San Francisco isn't for everyone. It's a fast pace make it or break it city. There is a lot of culture here as well. No matter what day of the week there is always something going on, concerts, art shows, sport games, and food festivals.
What I absolutely love about San Francisco are all the parks and outdoor spaces all over the place despite our limited space. There's so much to do from playing tennis, going to the beach, or even going hiking in San Francisco proper. What needs to change is the availability of affordable housing in more work needs to be done in regard to the homeless crisis.
I believe San Francisco is a must-go locations because there are unlimited activities to participate in there. However, I do find the city rather unclean. I particularly enjoy the piers for fun places to eat as well as good places to bring friends from out of town. San Francisco has some of the best free public playgrounds in California.
San Francisco is a good city to live as it is safe and shows diversity throughout the city. It is a open community so a majority of people are open minded to people that may be considered as "different".
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Church + Point + Bridge


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The inner sunset district in San Francisco is very quite, but abundant in little shops throughout. There are an ample amount of Chinese cuisine restaurants and small mom and pop shops. Other than this there is not much to do in the neighborhood besides go for nice strolls throughout the day. The neighborhood over here is very family friendly and quiet.
As much as San Francisco has changed since I got here, it is still the only place I want to live. I love this city with its hometown butchers and international business and nightlife. While the real estate market is out of whack, I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
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