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I have lived in San Augustine for almost all my life. I love the down home, small town atmosphere here. Most of the businesses are locally or family owned, and people know you by your first name when you walk in. The local restaurants have good food, and great service.
If I could change one thing, it would be to offer more activities for teens in our town.
What I like about San Augustine is the low crime rate, privacy, and friendly neighbors. It's so safe in San Augustine, that you can leave your door unlock and nobody will go in. The neighbors will even call you if they see something suspicious.The problems I have with San Augustine, is the education or more accurate the school. They too focus on teaching the students to pass their Taks or end of the year test to really teach them anything else. They too focus on keeping their jobs. The other problem is that it's boring for kids,especially teenagers or young adults. They will have nothing to do here, there no place to party at night. The nightlife is not that great,the only things open are stores open 24/7.
I think living here is a great place to raise the family. Now if you're a newly graduating senior and you want a good paying job to start saving up for that new car or truck you've always wanted or to buy you a new house to get away from the parents this place isn't the best place to choose for starting out. Unless you want to be a waiter or waitress for the rest of your life there's not much for you to do. You have to drive 30 minutes to an hour away to get a pretty decent paying job. But overall it's a great place once you got yourself and life figured out.
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This is a unique and small town where mostly older people would want to live. We have no park. They just made a football stadium. It has a track and it looks very nice. We only have small supermarket to get our groceries in town. The closest Wal-Mart is more than twenty minutes away. There is a few retail stores and boutiques in the square. This town is full of nature.
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