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Being a small town there are perks and down falls. Although it is quiet and peaceful, there are not many opportunities to advance ones self. There are not many jobs nor extracurriculars. It is the place I call home though and have come to love this place as a paradise.
My experience living in Salton City has been decent. What I like most about this deserted town is the peacefulness and safety. What I wish to see change is the amount of stores/restaurants located here. A 40 minute drive to town for groceries is not reasonable.
I've been visiting Salton city for more then 20 years and have always found the place fascinating. I currently have my primary home in San Diego and come out on weekends since I purchased my home here back in 2009. In my particular neighborhood here in Salton city we get together with our neighbors for such things as block barbeques , interactions with learning off roading especially the kids. I know all my neighbors here and not one does not to hesitate when one needs help in any way. I never thought such neighborhoods even existed anymore. There is a lot of trust here among neighbors. The great small town atmosphere where crime seems to be absent. Too bad people don't think this way back in San Diego! Can't wait to retire there in a few years!
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I live in Salton City and it is a very poor area that is mainly Hispanic. As a part of the Hispanic minority, I can say that there aren't many job opportunities for the Hispanic youth or anyone for that matter.
I been living here since I was in kindergarten, now I am currently a senior at West Shores High School. In the 12 years I lived here I always had aspiration that they would fix the Salton Sea. Not only will that attract people to our community making it grow, but also since its the largest lake in the California we need to clean it in order for people to enjoy it. Now as a senior I have to prepare myself to leave to my future university, its such a shame that in these 12 years all this community have received has been promises but no results. I truly hope that in the future I get to see the government take action and fix this problem. I am the voice of many that also want to see the Salton City become a better place for all of us.
I moved to Salton City when I was in the third grade. I enjoyed being in a small school. In this small town you get to know mostly everyone. I like how this town makes you feel at home. However, I would like our town to be provided with better and more valuable resources and activities for our community to participate in together.
It's a very rural area with not much to do. Very few amenities and very harsh hot summers of sometimes over 120 degrees.
My first sights of Salton Sea made me think of what it must feel like to be over seas in Iraq! It looked like a bomb had went off and there was no sight of anything for miles and miles except desert and big holes. But drive a little more and come to find out there are brand new homes and even a school in this tiny town, and at that time (around 2017) the population was only 1600. I thought it was going to be hell coming from Northern California to the hot desert! But surprisingly all the people are nice and the crime rate is practically nonexistent! On top of that you can see every star in the galaxy at night. On the months when its not scorching hot, our whole town turns into a giant OFF-ROAD park. Off-roaders from all over the country come down here to play and camp, or make a pit stop before hitting Glammis. While this town has the bare minimum to even catorgize itself as a town, its where I now call home and I am happy here!
Needs things for kids to do.
cant find a job out here
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