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It’s a beautiful and Quiet place to raise a family! I’ve lived in Salida for four years and it’s peaceful and welcoming.
Salida is a quiet area and is very neighborhood friendly. From my own personal experience, when my family and I went on vacation, one of our neighbors noticed our garage door was open for two days. They called the police and called us to make sure we were in no danger. In this small area, we help each other as much as we can.
Salida is a nice place to live. There are parks and places to walk. The taco trucks are great. Safety is the biggest concern. A stronger police presence is needed.
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Salida is a quaint quiet commuter town that finds it roots in the railroad industry. Once the town began to grow out of being a freight train depot, it began to expand as a commuter town for those who work in the Bay Area. Rich in Hispanic culture, Salida has a yearly festival celebrating its culture. In addition to such festivities Salida has many outreach programs to benefit those struggling to stay afloat in a society that struggles to balance economic stability. Salida could use an upgrade in structural repair. It would be an element that would bring a classy look to this cute town and would bring a sense of community spirit to the residents.
The schools are walking distances and well kept. The area is growing such as small businesses expanding and even the population in that area. Overall, not too much is happening in the neighborhood.
Salida is a small and friendly town that I have gotten used to. It is a town where everyone knows everyone there is amazing food and culture. I feel the only thing to be improved in Salida is more help towards the homeless like shelters and soup kitchens.
Small community but very friendly and kind we are always having a block party! Everything is walking distance like a liquor store, family market and a cute little break bakery.
Salida is a very nice little town, quite and peaceful. Located outside of Modesto, Salida is a definite change of scenery if used to the city life.
Salida California gives off an air of safety with schools everywhere, police often around, and kids walking to and from school. Very rarely do I hear of any crimes, and the ones I do are not very violent. There are plenty of orchards around for people who enjoy those things, and the houses are beautiful, but it gets a bit dusty and smelly because of the harvesting and the cows around.
This city is smaller than most, but it is still beautiful in its own way. I've enjoyed trying many different restaurants that this city offers. There is a library, churches, parks and other places where people go to spend their free time. There are orchards, neighborhoods, parks, bike trails (etc.) to explore and it was a wonderful place to grow up.
Salida is a very small town next to big town, Modesto. the population is a little over 13,000. Here in Salida the middle schools are OK. By this i mean they were small, new, and not very fun. Occasionally you will see a few bums walking around. My first living here was 2014, i believe, and a man in our neighbourhood was ran over. He, unfortunately, died and his death was allegedly drug related but who knows? Only once in a couple years we hear tragic news in the town. You see many friendly people skateboarding, biking, walking, running, and walking their dogs. many races live here and the majority would be hispanic and white. Overall, this small town is good. there's not much to do but there's also a lot to do for it being small.
The neighborhood I live in specifically is very nice, but there isnt much to do around this area. On top of that, Modesto is right next door and has a bit of crime that some may find to be discouraging. It is very affordable however, and is right between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
I love that it is a small town that borders a larger town. Due to the location, Salida is wonderful because anything that it does not have, the large town next to it has. It has the small town feel while still being modern. I would like to see Salida better itself by working to make the schooling system better so that the neighborhood will be better.
Pros: quiet neighborhoods, great neighbors, slower pace, very close to Modesto and shopping.
Cons: not many restaurants or outdoor activities.
Modesto is known for their car theft, drugs, and occasional shootings.
It's hard to give a rating on the only place I've lived at. To me the location is great, you're around two hours from everything; mountains, beach, and the city. The location itself can be sketchy in some areas but it is pretty nice in others, it all depends where you're at.
The houses are fairly new
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This is a nice place
It really depends on the part of town. There are some really safe neighborhoods, and there are a lot of bad ones.
It's in the middle of everything. There isn't much to do actually in town, but it within close driving distance of many fun places.
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