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I like that Salem is mostly quiet and family friendly. There are also lots of things to do within a short distance. On Main Street in Salem you have a ton of restaurants, Walmart, and grocery stores. What more could you ask for, it's all right there. Also, everyone, for the most part is nice and friendly. I have yet to meet someone in Salem that is hateful. Salem is also close by to other areas, such as Roanoke. I like that Salem is smaller and more community oriented than Roanoke.
I love that it is a small town with a tight knit community and so much to offer families and individuals. The sense of safety and locality is perfect for what I looked for when moving. The school systems in Salem are excellent, I would not want to send my daughter anywhere else. I did not grow up in Salem, however I do live in Salem now, along with my daughter. I will likely remain in this town as long as is possible.
Salem, Virginia has a population of approximately 25,000. It has a suburban feel and the vast majority of citizens have pride in keeping the city a safe and clean place to live. Salem offers some of the best public schools with a spirit of family.
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I have grown up in Salem. The schools are good and the people are friendly. It's a small community surrounded by Roanoke County and many mountains.
Downtown is very nice, they have a farmers market each weekend, have a wide verity of restaurants and of course Roanoke College is right in the middle of downtown Salem.
It's a very beautiful and unique place.I love the structure and scenery and the food is awesome. Lots of fun and interesting people gather here and there're lots of activities to do with your free time.
I love Salem! Attending school at Roanoke College and living in the area has been a huge blessing. The area is a neat place to live, especially being so close to the city of Roanoke.
I have lived in Salem for 11 years and overall my experience has been very positive. We love the small town and the convenience of having retail stores and restaurants right here. The schools have been wonderful ! I feel that my daughter is prepared for college because of the education she has received here. We feel completely safe in Salem and residents here are very friendly!
I attended Salem High School. Growing up, everyone in the town would commute to Spartan Stadium to watch the high school's football games, as the team is always elite and has won many state titles. The public schools here are top notch.
Salem is part of a metropolitan area connected to Roanoke, VA. It is tucked in a valley surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Salem is a football and outdoor community. Salem High School has been to multiple state championships in the past several years. Most people in this town love to be outside doing a variety of activities such as hiking on the Appalachian Trail or going to any one of the local bodies of water for boating or fishing. Salem is a family community priding itself in the preservation of traditional values while seeking to modernize its industry. All with the goal of not intruding on the beautiful country side for with the area is know for.
Great sense of community and togetherness. Although I would love to see more outreach for homeless and needy.
Lived there my entire life and I love it. I've become accustomed to my neighborhood and I am glad I grew up here.
Small, tight knit community. The people are proud of the place they live. Beautiful downtown with a farmer's market. Local breweries and sit-down options.
The city of Salem is quite small, although it's big enough for me. The nightlife isn't super exciting, or maybe I'm just a homebody. Everyone is nice here for the most part, everyone comes together to cheer on the local football teams on Friday nights. Salem is small enough where someone can walk to where they need to go, but big enough to where if someone isn't careful they could end up lost. In Salem, everybody knows everybody.
I have loved Salem for all of my life. I was born and raised here. I would not want to move anywhere else. My family and friends all reside here, and it is the best that we are all so close. There really is not much to do in Salem; however, the city is working on getting new trendy businesses on the streets!
Salem is a wonderful place to start a family and raise children. Sports are a huge deal here and kids love it. Great people, great schools, and a wonderful, homey environment.
I like how small it is and how it has hidden little shops when you come across are so cute. I like how much history the town has and how proud the people that grow up here are of their town. I didn't grow up here. I moved here in 2011 and I feel like this is my home away from home. The people are so welcoming.
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It is very peaceful and friendly in my neighborhood. Virginia Beach is a city with a lot of military folk in it and even if the people are not military they still have very kind manners toward others. It is normal to greet each other when you see someone in this neighborhood, so it is comfortable for others to know they can have a mutual trust bond with another person here.
It's a very close-knit community and we have all sorts of fun activities going on in the community
Living in Salem is good, it's nice, quiet, and everyone knows each other. The schools are good and safety is high. People try to help each other out when they can and have good neighbor qualities.
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