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I love the open area. We live on property and have state land behind us. Lots of areas for the kids to explore and play.
It's a small town but I think it is very pretty especially the nature trails. Take advantage of the gym membership as well.
New, Young, and Growing! I have watched this hole in the wall town expand into a booming young and happy community. Its always so nice.
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Daycare here scares me. There’s a lot of illegal women sitting in there homes and this town is so close to the border. I had a baby sitter Jenny Richardson. I walked in one day and she was yelling at 2 little girls. An abusive tone. I leave my son with my mom now that resides 15 miles out of my way but I’d rather be safe
A growing community that, at the moment, is overrun with too many people and not enough space or things to do. It feels like a small town that is trying to turn itself into a big city.
Sahuarita has been my home for many years. I’ve lived here for 22 years. I have watched the town grow so much. I throughly enjoy that despite how much the town has grown it has still managed to feel safe.
Sahuarita is exceedingly safer than general Tucson and an am=azing place to raise a family. People who live in Rancho Sahuarita are exposed to a list of amenities such as a gym, pool, fitness classes, tennis courts, and monthly events that build a more unified community. Those who move to Sahuarita come for the suburban feel, many parks, and excellent extra curricular schools. Sahuarita has a lot of potential and would benefit greatly from an increase in dine in restaurants and establishments for teens to have fun. There isn't many places where teenagers can meet up and play games .
My husband and I chose Sahuarita as our 'Forever Home' after years in the military (USMC). We love the small-town feel and the first-class amenities (we live in Rancho). I love seeing families bike, and children walk to and from school. There is always a small movie, concert, or festival going on and there are just the right amount of sports/art/extra-curricular activities around the area. There's a bit of a commute into Tucson (20 minutes), but the people are pretty awesome.
I’m fortunate to live in Sahuarita 20+ years. Growth includes several options for grocery shopping and dining out but is still lacking in regards to entertainment. In reference to housing in the area I’d like to note that while Rancho Sahuarita is one of the larger developments in the area, there is plenty of old construction and new construction neighborhoods that are present and part of Sahuarita as well. These offer a variety of options from no HOA, limited amenities and fHOA, to very high HOA fees and many amenities. A new hospital and library are under construction.
I met a man at my daughters school in passing. He was introduced to me. He has paedophilia, states it’s part of his ptst.
Beware kids that go to school in this area. His name is Carlos J Richardson. His wife ironically provides day care. Be careful people do your research who you leave your kids with
There’s a lot of married men that cheat on there wives and tell single women like myself there single. Example Carlos J Richardson got me pregnant and he’s a married man to Jenny
Walden Grove is a nice school. There aren't many places to eat, but the scenery is very pretty. Good for people who want to live in a calm neighborhood.
Clean, beautiful, safe place to live!!! There are a ton of work out classes, activities and events held each month. Fantastic community to be a part of.
The Town of Sahuarita is a quiet and safe suburb. It is very family oriented with few public schools. Has increased in its availability in shops and food. Somewhere you would want to be to start a family. There is lots of jobs available in the food industry. There is a movie theater for entertainment or go catch one of the high school games. Occasionally there are events at the club house such as movies, concerts and food trucks. Only bad thing is that you would probably go to Tucson for a night out. But overall the tone and people are extremely friendly.
Sahuarita is a town that is very focused on community and the safety of it's community members. Citizens of this community are very helpful and kind which adds to the welcoming ability that Sahuarita possesses. One thing I would change about Sahuarita is the amount of opportunities that citizens have her such as jobs and marketing.
I like that Sahuarita is a nice place to live and how nice it is to live in a tight knit community. I would just like to see more places being built. I feel like Sahuarita still needs to expand to have more things to do.
I very much enjoy how small the community is. It is a close town, everyone here knows each other and enjoys helping out their fellow man in the community.
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I have lived in the town of Sahuarita Arizona for the past nine years and couldn't be more pleased about my residential area. The town has outstanding family friendly events every month and the people are so welcoming.
Rancho Sahuarita's HOA is ridiculously expensive. There are pools and community events but the HOA is so strict it takes the fun out of things. Community yards are under strict survailance of weeds but they wont approve speed bumps for child safety. HOA also takes 10% when you sell your home. The neighborhood is "safe" but not above petty theft, break-ins and random real burglaries. People here are overall nice but jump on the community Facebook page and you'll see a judgemental, shallow, complaining community. If you like drama, using survailance cameras, and paying $100+ monthly for the HOA to send you notices, this is the place.
The thing I like about Sahuarita is the scenery because we are so close to Madera Canyon and as the house market is expanding more stores and resturants are becoming avaliable.
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