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Way too hot in the summer and the air quality then is bad. The people are less than friendly but it does depend on the area. Health care is poor but there are fairly good job opportunities. It is a smaller city than SF or LA so easier to get around. Cost of living is average for Northern California.
I moved to Sacramento about four years ago and I do not regret this decision. Sacramento has a poor reputation, many finding it not for them. This is true for many, especially for those who prefer a party city. Sacramento is one of the most diverse cities I've ever had the pleasure of living in. This adds a different layer that many other cities don't have, there's always opportunities to meet and interact with new people! Something that does lower my rating of is the lack of places in Sacramento, it can be boring when compared to others cities such as San Francisco. There isn't much to do.
I love how beautiful Sacramento is. Sacramento needs to have more cultural events and centers because it is the capital of California. It needs to be filled with cultural events to show diversity because it represents California.
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Sacramento has great stores and restaurants. The food is very diverse and you can find just about any type of food, no matter what culture you are from.
I like the cultural and social diversity as well as the open-mindedness of the people within the Sacramento community. It is a very family friendly place to live and there are many activities people ranging from all walks of life can take part in. Since Sacramento is so culturally diverse, there are many local restaurants and shops that make every culture here feel included and represented. As a young minority, I feel like I have always been part of the Sacramento community, which I have really appreciated. The main aspect I would change about Sacramento would be the cost of living and the issue of homelessness. Houses and apartments are becoming more expensive, and some people are unable to sustain themselves with one income alone. The high cost of living can ultimately result in the increase of homelessness in the community, which is also another issue. However, overall I must say that I have truly enjoyed living in Sacramento and I'm happy to be a part of the local community.
Sacramento is a quiet place to live. This city has a nice environment. But then there are still many safety issues need to be fixed. Gun violence seems to be common in this city now. The public transportation system still needs to be improved. I live here for almost five years but I still don't know how to take a bus, because there is a lack of bus stations and only a few information about them.
i moved to Sacramento last year 2017 and i really like it out here family friendly schools are good people are nice some say oh you live on Mack road terrible but i see it different i look at life how you create your living enviroment your space is how it will turn out i haven't had any problems since i moved to my location that being people don't hang out hardly any noise so it's fairly good and i wouldn't change anything about my living area
It has a fair mix of different people and culture here in Sacramento. Education is also a ideal nurtured into the students on most campuses, there is the Capital building along with the Sac State University for students to visit . It's fresh bread,butter with culture, and fellowship . Sacramento is a beautiful place. But even Valleys and Meadows have various colors, shapes, fruit and weeds with tares.
With various culture come different upbringings and ideal situations. With every individual comes different motives, thoughts, beliefs and "at home discussions". There is displacement among sheep and goats. There are similarities but the difference between the two groups change their preceptive and behaviour.
There is justice and injustice but there is always a opportunity to speak. And proclaim and practice your response at your discretion. It may be faced with the same injustice, injury and pain but God has given us different possibilites.
I liked that it was cheaper to live then other places in California, especially the Bay Area. I also like the athletic competition in Sacramento. It’s a lot of great players, beautiful people and great food spots.
I think Sacramento is a good place to live. That is, depending on where you live. There are a lot of areas that do need improvement. Some area are a little run down and could use some renovating. I like that there are a lot of parks being built in certain neighbors but in a lot of the poorer community. There are not as many parks.

There are a lot of fun stuff to do around Sacramento. The night life can be pretty fun. There's the river to go swimming, rafting, fishing, etc. There's the bike trail that goes all the way from Folsom Lake to downtown and toward south Sacramento region.
I feel that the capital of California is not all that pretty compared to other cities in California. I am biased and I know it because I live in between Elk Grove and Sacramento so I cannot fully say the beauty of this city. I do honestly love the people in this city but the drivers are very horrible at driving. It is very ironic how to there is a DMV and people still do not know how to drive. Overall, Sacramento will always be unique!
I've lived here all my life and was met with nothing but happiness and joy. The diversity is more than impressive and the schools that I've attended are full America's finest teachers. I have never experienced a life threatening situation and I've made plenty of friends.
Sacramento is a great place to live and work. Majority of the people are nice . the city is very diverse. Looking for a place to live without breaking bank, Sacramento is the place for you. Interested in good food and great night live, Sacramento it is. Traffic can be a headache, but it is nothing compared to bay area traffic or traffic in the greater Los Angeles area. One of the reasons I like living here is that wages are comparable to the bay area and yet the cost of living is lower. Sacramento has the feel of a big city without actually being one. it is family friendly with lower crime rate when compared to other cities and therefore a great place to raise your family.
Most people here are well adapted to racial diversity. Though many homeless individuals can be seen on some streets, many people are quite prosperous here. The public schools in Sacramento city are mostly ranked low on schoolrating websites.
I would love to see schools perform better academically. I think there should be cheaper rent for one bedroom apartments and studio apartments. Most of Sacramento is safe to walk at night.
Sacramento is very safe to walk around in the day time. You will always find something to do in midtown! There is never a dull moment in Sacramento
Sacramento is very diverse, a great place to live, but more affordable housing is needed. Lots of good, affordable places to eat and many Farmers Markets to get fresh produce year round.
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While it's a more affordable city to live in compared to the San Francisco Bay Area there are not many opportunities for advancement despite it being the state capitol of California. Public transportation is far less developed than the Bay Area for those who can not afford a car. Housing expenses are slowly increasing in an effort to compete with the Bay Area also. Only consider moving to Sacramento if you want to escape the Bay Area and can afford a car, etc.
I live and I was raised in Sacramento, there is so much to keep you busy. We are the Capital of the state and we represent proudly.
My experience in Sacramento has been nice. It has been a time in which I have grown into my adulthood, leaving behind my adolescence. I come from a small town and Sacramento was a large adjustment for me, but it was good to help me grow and develop as a person. I have encountered a rich amount of culture and gained experiences I would never have had the opportunity of having anywhere else.
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