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Sachse is a place that I personally love to be. Although geographically it is small, it is built up like Wylie and Murphy are. Also, it is very nice how you are so close to so many cities such as Dallas, Plano, and Richardson but you can enjoy a small town experience at the same time. Sachse is a place that I am very happy to call home.
I like that sachse is in the middle of many different cities and it has many roads that'll give you access to drive wherever. Depending on which side of sachse you live on you can either go to the Sachse high school or Wylie high school. I live on the side that kids go to Wylie high school and it's a great school. They have many academic opportunities for many kids.
Sachse is such an amazing town. Very family friendly. They constantly have community activities where families can go and have fun. Also, the area is very safe. I love how I can go outside and not have to fear my life. The schools are great and the neighbours are awesome.
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Sachse is a good size city and is extremely safe. The community is very diverse made up of different ethnic groups. The schools in the area are educational and convenient. The elementary, middle, and high school are located in walking distance from each other.
My experience with Sachse has been amazing because I like how most of the people know each other. We pretty much have everything you need here in Sachse. I also went to elementary school here and I went to daycare here. The only thing I wish that they had more of were places to pffer jobs instead of just food places.
Sachse is very small and remote but there is a good community in it that cares a lot for the people that are living in it.
Sachse, Texas represents your typical, average, suburban, American home that is perceived in movies and films. It is an outstanding place to raise your children and enjoy a steady normal life. My overall experience while living in Sachse for the past four years of my high school life has been monotonous, yet simultaneously heartwarming. Considering that there is not much to do around the area, I would unremarkably venture out of Sachse with my friends to fulfill my adventurous needs. While Sachse is rather quite ordinary, coming home to the neighborhood after a long day is delightful thanks to the peaceful and quiet community.
I like the small town feel of Sachse even though it is growing. Luckily, there isn't much room for it to grow much more based on the footprint of the city. All of the "Luxury" townhomes being built is irritating because of the sacrifice of the green spaces. This is not an issue unique to Sachse, however. It's sad that "progress" results in the removal of nature.
It is a cute small town. Not a lot to do in town but it is a very close community and there are close towns nearby that have more activities.
I've lived here all of my 18 years. It was nice as a kid because there are small ranches where you can feed animals. Now that I'm older, Sachse is fairly boring and doesn't offer any activities.
Sachse has been a wonderful small town to live in! It's very quiet and safe and has a variety of food and shopping in town, or very close by.
Sachse is a great suburb of Dallas. The schools are terrific and the people that live here are very friendly and really watch out for each other. I'm proud to have lived in Sachse for most of my life. It's a great place to grow up.
I would give it five but there are not enough parks or a nice library. The neighborhoods are nice, though. Great city for a middle-class family.
Everyone in Sachse is really nice and I enjoy living and growing up in Sachse. I wouldn't ask to live in a different city.
Sachse is a pleasant, quiet place to live. The primary appeal of Sachse is its proximity to Plano and Dallas, as well as it's abundance of affordable real-estate. Beyond this, Sachse has no characteristics which elevate it above the clearly superior bordering cities of Garland, Wylie, and Murphy. Sachse may not be as well developed or flashy as its neighbors yet I cannot deny that it is a safe place, almost to being a fault. I can attest from my own experience that the police in Sachse fill their monthly traffic ticket quotas with zeal. All in all, Sachse is a great place if you are over 30, stably employed, and married with children.
I have been born and raised in Sachse, and it has been a great place to grow up. I have played baseball all my life in the Sachse Little League and has become a great community since my parents first moved there in 1996. There were only a few neighborhoods when we first moved to Sachse. Although there are a lot of people in this little town, it makes it a great opportunity to know a lot of people quite often throughout the community.
Sachse is a great city to live in. It is kept clean, and is a safe environment to live in. The school systems are the best in the district, and there are always city sponsored events, many of which I enjoy volunteering for.
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Overall a very nice small town, has many food options very easily accessible in the next towns over in a less than ten minute drive. Woodbridge is a very nice neighborhood that is incredibly well maintained. And since it is such a small town, all of the lights have sensors in them and you typically do not get stuck at any lights.
In 2001 Sachse TX was named in the top 50 safest cities in Texas. The local neighborhoods are quite and safe to take a walk with the family during the evening hours. Woodbridge is one of the local neighborhoods and has and Home Owners Association. The Woodbridge HOA, host several family oriented events such as Family fishing tournaments with prizes for the children, game nights and neighborhood yard sales.
Not much criminal activity ever goes on in this area. The police does a terrific job on patrolimg and keeping the residents safe.
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