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There is a good amount of things to do within the area. It has all seasons and can experience big cities not far but still be within a small town. The town is small and there are many generations that live in the town. The town is growing and becoming more modern than the original farm town.
Rutland is an upper-middle-class town. If you like a quiet town with friendly neighbors you would fit right in. In the center of town we have a Dunkin Donuts, and an amazing local pizza place. We also have a two-story library that is available to anyone interested. The views in Rutland are breathtaking and the air is clean and crisp. Not to mention if you love skiing and snowboarding the Wachusett Mountain is only 19 minutes away.
Rutland is a very quiet town, which can be appealing to some but not to others. I personally like the laid-back atmosphere, safety, and privacy. While there's not much to our downtown, we're not far from other stores and resources found in nearby towns. Rutland is very clean and overall a pleasant community to be a part of.
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Rutland is a great town to settle down in and raise a family. There are always lots of town sponsored events for people of all ages. The school system is great and offers a lot of opportunities for the children. Sitting 15 minutes outside the city, it is has the small town rural feel, yet makes the commute to the city for work or pleasure very painless.
Being a small town, there is not a lot of crime. The local police are always visible and accessible.
This community is a great place for people with children. The schools are top rated and there are programs all year long for kids. Most parents know each other, so there is usually someone there to help if needed. When something goes very wrong for a family, the whole town shows up to help.

However, jobs for teenagers and adults locally are scarce. Many have long commutes to work.

There is possibility for commercial growth, and I hope that jobs become more available.
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