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It's family friendly. They have a great public library with kids stotytimes. I wish roads were wider. Would like a target and there are too many banks.
I think Russellville is a great place! Its not to small but not to big; perfect place to raise a family! Russellville is a place where most people know each other, and that always a plus. Just like any other city Russellville has its flaws. These include, little funding money, not very many family friendly activities, etc.
It is a very safe place that is also friendly to everyone. It is also known to be extremely helpful to the needy.
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Growing up in Russellville, I always disliked my hometown. For that reason, I eventually moved away. Now, I am well traveled and have lived in multiple countries but I found myself back in Russellville. It took seeing the world to realize that this town is not so bad. Its charming in some ways, has plenty of outdoor activities in the area, has everything you need to live comfortably and is family friendly.
Russellville, Arkansas is a city known for a nuclear plant and not much else. Although, it does have a college it does not have the vibe of a college town. Arkansas Tech University is not as involved in the community as it should be. The schools in the area have great teachers and administrators, so it is a good place for families to settle after the head of the house hold gets a job at the nuclear plant. The real estate is not the most high quality because all of the wealthy families congregate in the nice neighborhoods and there are no available nice homes to buy for new comers. It is quite affordable as it is not much of a tourist destination. There are few businesses to work for in the area. Every now and then you will here about a scuffle that breaks out in various parking lots because of high school strudents hanging out there with nothing else to do.
This city has the small town feel with a variety of things to keep you entertained as well. We are a growing city, there is almost always something going on. From high school events, college events, events downtown, different 5K's to join, fishing derby's, and many other family events to attend. Spend a nice sunny day on the lake with your family, spend the evening at the movies or go bowling. We have a variety of restaurants to choose from as well as fast food joints. Russellville is a big supporter of Arkansas Tech University. Different establishments paint their windows gold and green in support during homecoming.
Russellville is a pretty easy going town. It’s not too small and not too big. The only thing I would like to change about Russellville is to have more of a variety of restaurants and shopping places.
Russellville is a college town which means that if you are older there is not a lot of people with you. The majority of jobs are fast food and there is not a lot to do when it comes to night life.
Russellville is a good town. It's fairly sized. If I could change anything about Russellville it would be to have better things to do.
I like the hometown feel of Russellville, with all the local town functions as well as the local businesses. The city drainage system has a lot to be desired as anytime there is a heavy or prolonged rain, the city streets flood terribly.
Nice little town. Can be a bit boring in the winter, but a wonderful place to live during the spring, summer, and fall.
I love how friendly the people are in this town! It is a small college town with a big time feel. I know I can go anywhere in Russellville and where ever I go someone will be there to offer a helping hand!
I moved here from Illinois after I graduated I love this town I love the people and I plan on raising a faimly here. if anyone else from Chicago wants to live in a small town I recommend Russellville
I love this town I've lived here all my life. I wish more people would move here though it would be great if people from New York and California moved here
This is a wonderful town very good for raising a faimly although I personally would like there to be more liberal minded people
A great college town with restaurants and some shopping including TJ Maxx, Ross, Belk, JC Penney, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Maurice, and Wal Mart. We have a great hospital and a smaller walk-in urgent care facility.
Russellville is your average, run-of-the-mill small town. It is most known for its University, Arkansas Tech. The campus is beautiful, people are friendly, and the professors are very open to helping their students succeed. There are multiple parks and nearby hiking trails that bring many out of their homes to enjoy the natural state. However, there aren't many recreational activities, clubs, or events to participate in, causing crime to escalate more every year. Many young people here are involved with violence and drugs, and the police tend to show more racial discrimination to the citizens than most towns. I have lived here for only four years, yet there has been a noticeable change in mental health with not only myself, but the fellow acquaintances and friends surrounding me. Although beautiful, it is not the ideal place to live.
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I like recommend Russellville to others because it is not to big and not to small for people that are like city people and also a little country i think Russellville is the perfect place for you. Here in Russellville they also support one another very well in anything somebody decides to do.
Russellville has always held a spot in my heart because it is right beside my hometown. One of the great things about russellville is the relaxing nature of it. It is not the most economic place but there are some pretty people inside and out. There is not much to do there if we're talking night life, other than campus life and a few bars, but there are beautiful gems hidden on the outside of town.
I love that Russellville is a more country feel. The people are friendly and I enjoy living here very much.
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