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Russellville is a Quaint town and a good place to raise your kids. It’s got a family type feel to it and everybody are good Christian people.
While I do enjoy living in Russellville, Alabama, I do wish we had more stuff to do. To be able to go to the movies or go to the mall or go bowling or just about anything fun, you have to drive about 30-45 minutes to another town to do so. I also wish we had more places to eat instead of just fast food places.
Russellville is a nice small town but from my own personal experience here I can honestly say that this has deteriorated from its past small town charm. i have lived in Russellville all my 18 years of living; i can remember the the hot summer days where my brother and i would wait outside for the ice-cream truck to come by. now as years has come and gone so has some of russellville's homely beauty. it is sad for me to even admit how afraid i am to go outside of my house because of the fear of what or who might be out there.
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Russellville is a small town with a historic distinct locations in it. It has an drive inn theater and a old movie type theater that is still used to this day. The downtown is still the same as it was in the early 1900s, yet has been updated to more modern times. There are plenty of shopping and restaurants there with nice southern hospitality anywhere you go. They do need to get more restaurants and night life but overall a nice little town full of southern hometown feel.
Not a lot of options
Not a lot of jobs
A lot of fast food restaurants
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