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Born and raised in Rumford Maine, once you get passed the smell of the mill, it is a very beautiful place. I love going to the Information Booth and looking at the Rumford falls. A water fall located in Rumford. Coming here in the fall is the best time of year as we have a pumpkin festival. The leaves are also really pretty to look at and take pictures of. Its a nice quite town and I love it here.
I like the fact that we are nestled in the mountians of western Maine. We live in a mill town which was just bought by the Chinese, so we are hoping that, with this change, there will be more businesses to come to this cute, small town. For example, more places to eat, a movie theater, bowling alley and more activities, such as sports for adults. Overall, this a good town to raise children or to retire too.
I've lived here my whole life. There isn't really anything to do here unless you like to ski in the winter. There are barely any jobs here, everything is dying. You can tell that this town thrives in the winter because of tourism, but otherwise it's pretty boring. It is family friendly depending on what section of town you live in. There are a lot of drugs here, too. I feel attached to it here because I've lived here my whole life, but I really want to get out of here.
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Rumford has a history of being a very nice place to live, work, and raise a family. I have seen a steady decline in all of these components. There is still great potential in Rumford. Already there are plans to improve the town and I think big things are going to happen to make Rumford the place that it used to be.
this town used to be a population of 50,000 but now it is down to only around 5000.its a small town that is close to my heart. there are some unsafe activity going on, however.
Not much happens with crime
I do not like this town
Not much in Rumford. There is little to do one weekends, not many job opportunities, and the schools seem to be going down hill. Drug use is increasing in teens and adults. I would not choose to have a family here or to move back here when I graduate college.
Townspeople do not want to support education.
Not much for kids to do so they cause trouble
I am from a mill town that offers nothing
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