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roy is a nice little community to live in, there isn't much night life or businesses in general but it has enough where you can get what you need.
Well, you know I have lived here my whole life, and I have to say Roy has grown a lot, but with nothing all that good. This town has just thrown as much as they possibly can into it, and they still try to do more. It's way too crowded now and only continues to get worse. Also, their police force is terrible, they are never there when you need them, and I have not met a single one who acts decently in any situation. So overall, Roy is not that great, and this is the reason why I'm moving out of this state altogether.
Roy is a clean and nice place to live. There is a family friendly atmosphere and there are many activities for the whole family to participate in such as parks, splash pads, new library with interactive children's centers, public schools, public swimming pools, etc. Anything you want for a family you can find here.
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I love how one we are as a community. For the high school football games, not only students and parents go, but people from all around the city come to support. We also have a lot of fun things around. The Hill Aerospace Museum is one that anyone can enjoy, from the plane talks to looking at and learning about airplanes, and there is even a kid's area with all sorts of fun and educational games. Another fun place we have in Roy is the Roy Aquatic Center. It is great for all those hot summer days. Roy is an awesome place for families to enjoy themselves.
Roy is a nice and friendly town. A great place to raise a family. Property values are rising along with the local economy.
A town just outside of Ogden. That feels like a small town even though it is still in the city. This town is really close to the Salt lake and to antelope island. Lots of restaurants that are near by. Good shopping locations near by. Although the drivers here are terrible and seem to think they are the only people that are on the road. If you can get past the horrible driving, it is a very nice place to live, the views are nice, weather isn't bad, people aren't all bad. Overall a good place to live.
Roy is a good place for families. I take my daughter and dog on walks all the time and feel safe. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of crime around town. It is starting to grow and more people are starting to move this way, making the roads a little bit busier. Rush hour sucks in the areas of 650 and 5600 but that’s to be expected.
Roy is not a very big place in Utah, it is usually just a suburb with fast food restaurants and some supermarkets. There is not much to do in Roy. I think it is a lovely place to raise kids though Roy and most of Utah is pretty conservative but that should not get in the way. The people here are very kind and the schools are average but nearby there are more amazing schools. There is not much in Roy but it is close to amazing things.
What used to be a small town out in the country has been rapidly exploding for the last fifteen years. It offers many things to do outside that are in close distance. You can go hike in the nearby Wasatch mountains, see the great salt lake, or any type of hunting and fishing you could desire. It as something for everyone, at an affordable price.
Roy City is a quiet city just south of Ogden and Riverdale. It is a neat town with a small town feel, even if the population is well over 50,000. A big issue with Roy City is the amount of property taxes citizens have to pay each year. Roy City has a minimal space to bring in businesses to offset the high property taxes.
I love my family oriented neighborhood. Having the elementary, junior high and high school So close is perfect. And the city just built a new park, with a splash pad, right in my backyard. Its just right for new families. Or families with young children.
Roy is a nice place to live. I have lived here for seven years and like the community that roy has to offer. The schools are decent and the crime rate is low. There aren't many healthy places to eat but there is a walkway that is enjoyable for walking or biking. It is close to Ogden that has more varieties of eating and close to the mountains, where you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities.
I love living here in Roy! The part of the city I live in is quiet with friendly neighbors. The only thing I'd like to see change is fixing a few potholes that are annoying.
The people are nice and willing to lend a hand in need. During winter days many neighbors are out helping other clearing driveways, sidewalks. The area is very quiet Not to many noise complaints or police being called out.
I think this small, bustling town is filled with life and family. Everyone seems to know each other and we’re always there for one another. This town is close to the mountains, a big city, all types of recreational activities. Roy is like our own little paradise. It’s not too big or too small. The only thing I would say that we could improve upon is our spending, specifically in schools. I feel that we spend money on gizmos and gadgets which of course can be incredibly useful, but I’m talking about buying new TV’s and lunch line screens when we should be buying more up-to-date books and having air condition units that actually work.
I've lived in Roy for almost a year now, and I can't complain. I live in an apartment here, and I've felt more welcomed here than I have in previous apartment complexes. The town is kept in really good shape, and it isn't bombarded by construction all the time. Stores and businesses are conveniently nearby, to where I'm not driving too far and I'm not dealing with very much traffic.
We had one disturbance of the water being shut off by the city for a day, but we survived. I wish there was more of a community presence, too.
All in all, though, I'm pretty satisfied with Roy.
I enjoy living in Roy. Its a quiet suburb of Ogden. It's close enough to have all of the benefits of living in a large town and far enough away that there is all sorts of fun activities to do outdoors. This includes camping and hunting. The schools are not the greatest but then again most of Utah's education system could use some work. I also enjoy all of the different restaurants that I can enjoy. All in all, I give it a solid.
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I love that Roy Utah feels like a small town, without actually being one. There are privately owned burger and coffee joints that are out of this world. The fire station has phenomenal Christmas lights. There is a mall near by with an auto mall next to it. It's a quaint town with nice people. Just watch out for planes falling from the sky!
Iv lived in Roy for about 9 years now and in those 9 years Roy has grown a lot. Theres a lot of new areas and a lot of new developments in neighborhoods and businesses. Of course any new area or neighborhoods are going to be pricey, but the older parts of Roys neighborhoods are affordable and its not as expensive to live as some surrounding erea's. And i think the environment overall is pretty nice, its not trashy its well maintained and most homes are well kept by the owners. One thing that I would like to see change in roy would be moving the ogden airport to a different location.
What I love about Roy is that it's a very family friendly community and I love the people! I would love to see more events throughout the year instead of throughout the summer. :)
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