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Roxborough Park is a great place for new families to have a first time home the schools in the area are fantastic. There are a lot of community events that keep you involved and help you meet your neighbors. Everyone is friendly including the business owners in the area. Roxborough is a great place to live.
I can look out my window and the view is different throughout the day. it was a change from what we were used to but i cant imagine living snywhere else. i love seeing the wildlife everyday. One expects the commute to be long but to be honest its not
Roxborough Park is like its own little family. I love living out here and don't plan to leave anytime soon.
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I like living in Roxborough Park because it is a peaceful community. It is a ways away from cities, so it is a commute to busier places, but because of this, it is more peaceful. It is a good place to settle down with family. There is some wildlife but overall, I'd say it is safe and a good place to live.
I have lived in Roxborough Park since I was born. Same house, but different neighbors, no matter who moved in, our little community has always been a family. I have never felt unsafe while living here, at the entrance we have a guard shake, so we know no one bad is getting into our neigborhood. At night it is so very quite and since we are located between two mountains there isn't too much light pollution, so star gazing is perfect. I couldn't imagine living any where else, Roxborough is my home and its going to be break my heart to leave it in the fall, but I know I can always come back to where it all began for me.
It’s safe and beautiful.
Folks are upper class. Skate park brings in folks that don’t seem to fit the town. Not good if you homeschool, maybe only a handful of families there do . The library is great. Rattle snakes are very abundant . Bears will go out in daylight into yards and garages for food. Majority of people will walk dogs without leashes.
Tons of amazing playgrounds that are usually empty ..
You have to deal with lots of cyclists when trying to go in or out of town . In Waterton they will ride in clumps and block off the road. It’s a huge safety hazard but no one does anything ...
Water bill will be double what you pay anywhere else in Colorado.
Roxborough is a great place to raise a family, if you can afford it. It is seeing exponentially increasing housing costs and with that everything else raises with it. It is not uncommon to see a 1,500 sq ft house selling for over $350K, while being outdated with no yard. Many families have been here a while and got in before costs went crazy. With the new Sterling Ranch development nearby I can not imagine the costs are slowing anytime soon. the only other downside is some, not all, but some neighborhoods have no HOA and you can tell. The pros do outweigh the cons. If you are lucky enough to work at Lockheed Martin your commute is less than 5 mins. not bad for everywhere else and with the lightrail into the city only 20 min drive you really can get anywhere. Most people are very friendly and there are a ton of community involvement opportunities. The restaurants are not bad, Angels Share and JP's are definitely the best. Overall not a bad place to live if you can afford it.
I love living in Roxborough Park. It's like having my own mountain retreat without having to go to the mountains. There are enough services and stores within a few miles that basic needs can be met without having to travel far. The people are friendly, the weather is great, and the neighborhood is like our own Garden of the Gods.
I enjoy the quiet serenity which I feel at night time here in Roxborough Park. It is a very safe, small community where people tend to keep to themselves, but also respect that others need help sometimes. With our two gas stations, 3 stop lights, our state park, and our golf course, it is a neat little town for raising little ones. I would love to see more activities that can be done, other than the wonderful hiking and nature walks. There are 3 parks within the few subdivisions we have, but not much else.
We rarely have crime in Roxborough and when there is crime, it is very petty like graffiti.
I love living in my area because it is close to the mountains but not in them and it is a great community nestled in area that is not close to a lot urban life. There is a lot of wildlife in the area and I always like to see the animals living in the area.
occasional kids doing dumb things but nothing destructive. Neighbors like to call them over the dumbest things though (like kids using chalk by their front driveway.
Pretty good, the area is clean quiet and away from big communites like highlands ranch. neighbors can be annoying sometimes, a lot of them like to go on social networks and complain about their neighbors over meaningless things.
There are not many abandoned properties, although the cost of living has recently begun to increase. In addition, many people are starting to move to the area since it is such a desirable place to live.
The community is very tight knit and friendly, and the pet community is the same way.
The area is overall very safe, especially for families. There is not a lot of significant crime that occurs.
This area is beautiful, with the mountains practically in the backyard, and endless outdoor adventurous opportunities.
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amazing houses but high prices
Cost of housing is not too expensive! You get way more for your money up here
Alway people getting involved. Little leauge soccer teams. Neighbors always helping eachother
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