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There is some good food in Roxboro. The schooling options are adequate from my experience. There is not much to do, but the town is placed somewhat comfortably between Danville / South Boston and Durham / Chapel Hill, meaning it is a safe distance drive to places where you can actually do stuff.
Absolute awful evil neighbors, almost killed by hunters, corrupt sheriffs, constant attempts by neighbors to break in. Drunk neighbor feels up my wife and his children destroy my property. Everyone thinks you owe them if you have a little bit more and will try to steal or use you. Never move here!
Close nit town where everyone knows everyone. Great place to retire. It’s hard to find a high paying job in Roxboro. You must travel to next city over for better pay.
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Roxboro is a small country town. It's near the border of Virginia, which makes it easy to travel between states. Roxboro always has events going on in town. Roxboro is a very family-friendly town to live and it's peaceful most of the time. You will find all kinds if people here oh, there's a lot of diversity everywhere you go in town. schools are great.
Roxboro is quiet and charming. Historical Uptown Roxboro has plenty of little shops to browse and buy in, and strolling up and down Main Street does the soul good. Everything is close, as this is a small town, and everyone knows everybody, so we have a sense of community here. We have a lively art scene, with the Kirby Theatre always putting on a show, whether it be a concert or a play. We have a rich visual art market, with local artists and art students constantly contributing to our local galleries. It may not be a big city, but there's still plenty to do here, and it's a very nice place to call home.
Roxboro is not very liberal as this site states. It’s very full of trashy low end people of all shapes and sizes. They parade around in loud customized trucks and do not have any respect for anyone. The sheetz has station is a crazy youth hang out with weekly police action. Real estate prices are pulled down by the amount of junk yard properties, modular homes and mud-kept horse properties in the area. Even the country is full of people burning tire rubber and loud music! Ohhhhh the best part is the EPA does nothing about all the illegal trash barrels and burning that is done in the country. Roxboro is a redneck capital.
I've been in Roxboro all my life. I think it is a pretty good place to raise kids. I have two. I have not had any trouble here. I guess it is all in what you make it. People can make the most out of being in a small town or they can make it a bad experiance. It is all up to you.
Roxboro is a wonderful place to live. I enjoy close knit, hometown feel that I feel in Roxboro. It’s a small, southern town where everybody knows everybody.
Roxboro is a small Town with friendly people, our drives to work are Short because we don't have a lot of people here like that. You can buy fresh vegetables at little family owned stores, I live because I live in the country and have neighbors birthday, don't knock on my door this is emergency. The people in the city limits of Ross Perot very friendly community is diverse.
I would love to see my restaurants! With such a small town, there needs to be more. I would love to see a chick-fil-a. Also, I would love to see more shopping places. There are a few, but not many. I love my small town! There needs to be more events to bring people together.
It is a very small knit community. I would like to see more things for young adults to do. There isnt many thing to do.
Community events such as Personality are fun and engaging. You get to walk through a uptown area full of such beautiful old buildings. Also the Kirby Theatre is such an amazing, beautiful place where people gather for performances, ceremonies, and other important events and nothing makes me happier than to see that.
Roxboro is a small town . No major malls or major shopping places people today would prefer. I recommend Roxboro as a town to settle down in and seems to be a great place for old people.
Roxboro is a small town in North Carolina with under ten thousand people living here. It is slowly growing into a bigger town and it might even be a city someday. It is a great place to live if you like small towns without heavy traffic. It does not have many attractions or places for entertainment, but the few places we do have are very fun.
Crime rate is horrible. And if you haven't grown up there expect to be treated like a third class citizen. These people always hire their friends whom are usually thieves and criminal. But they get away with it because they are all friends. Wouldn't live here without a house alarm, some attack dogs and a few guns for protection. Also don't expect to get a child an education unless you use a charter school.
Roxboro is a small town with a growing population. I would like to see instigation of efforts to add new schools, particularly for middle school and high school age students.
There should be improvement in activities for teens. The downtown area needs to be utilized and used for something constructive.
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It is a very small town, and there is absolutely nothing to do there. There is no nightlife for the youth, so a lot of them end up in trouble most of the time.
I have lived in Roxboro North Carolina for 27 years, and I love. I love the fact that its small enough for all of its residents to know each other. I also enjoy my family being close and within a reasonable driving distance. Roxboro has a movie theater, skating rink, and blowing alley that I enjoy regularly. I also enjoy the fact that Roxboro is close to large cities such as Durham, Raleigh, and Charlotte.
Roxboro is quiet and a great place to raise your children. However, it is not convenient to major thoroughfares or shopping. As a result, it is not recommended for highly educated young adults.
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