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Roselle is a calm and safe neighborhood. I've lived there all my life and the town hasn't really changed much growing up. It's near plenty of gas stations, stores, and grocery stores.
I genuinely enjoy living here the weather is always keeping us on our toes and the amazing food and constant new opportunities are amazing
Roselle is a great town to live in. It’s extremely family oriented. The people are kind, they take care of their houses, and the schools are great. Close to highways and train. The police officers keep us safe and are always keeping us informed on what’s happening. The downtown area is very nice and I’m excited to see what is more to come.
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Recently moved to Roselle in 2017. Better than I could have imagined!!! Beautiful downtown area with great restaurants. Easy access to highways as well as a Metra train stop. Great parks and park district. Summer fests are family oriented. I forgot to mention the winery and brewery. Love it!
Roselle is a safe, clean and friendly neighborhood. It has a nice shopping area and winery. The residents are all kind. Roselle has great schools that your children can attend. There are also many parks around Roselle to take walks and ride bikes in. It is a very well taken care of town. It is also very close to a train station for those who have to commute to work.
There's not much to do here, but it's a very comfortable area and a pleasant place to live. Not much happens here and it's a pretty quiet place with lots of family friendly parks and schools.
Growing up here was a wonderful formative experience. The friendships I made have lasted a lifetime. Lots of great public events that run year after year develop a sense of community that one looks forward to.
Very friendly and welcoming environment. Great school districts very helpful with kids with disabilities. After school activities are awesome and can give the kids a role to express twords their peers.
I love that Roselle is a smaller town outside of Chicago. It is great that the city is only a forty minute drive from Roselle. Although it is small, there is still plenty to do.
I grew up in Roselle, and didn't move up until about a month ago. Roselle not only was my hometown, but it felt like home. Although the town was fairly big, it was easy to run into familiar faces. There was never a moment where a family member or I felt unsafe or in danger, for Roselle was and extremely safe and secure town. With Lake Park being the towns high school, and which I currently attend, it's always neat to see the entire town come together for sporting events through the school. People connect and converse with one another with ease. Roselle is a great town, it is truly a home and other than the occasional moments of not having much to do in the town, there really is nothing negative for me to say.
Very quiet, residential area. More businesses are starting to enter the area so there are more options for restaurants and things to do.
I've been living in Roselle for a few years. Roselle is a friendly suburb. There are parts of the town that is quiet and peaceful and some that is noisy amd active. There's a vareity, which is nice because some prefer to live in the noisy or quiet part of town. I live in the semi noisy and quiet part of town. I'm within walking distance of small restaurants, gas stations and public schools. Yet, I'm surrounded by 1 floor homes and public parks and forest preserves. It's easy to navigate your way around here with a GPS or even asking locals. The scenery of dog walkers, families, trees, homes and restaurants will certainly make you think of the suburbs. The crime rate is low here,but the safety rate here is high. We even have a curfew and lots of police cars roaming around to ensure the safety of locals. I love Roselle. So much to explore or even settle down with a family.
I love Roselle. It is such a perfect town with perfect people. From the schools to all of the stores that are in the neighborhood, Roselle has all of the necessities to make it a perfect town for a family or for someone on their own.
I like the neighborhoods and schools. You need to watch for police. They like to give a lot of tickets.
Roselle is a small village but close by Woodfield mall. The people here are very nice. There are a lot of small business in the area. So far there is nothing I would change about this area.
Roselle is a very safe and quiet town. I felt right at home and it is very welcoming. I moved from a suburb that was completely different from Roselle and it was a complete 360 when I came here. Everyone is so willing to help and welcome you. The schools are very good. It is very easy to get around and there are so many options to go hang out. So many places to take the kids and let them run around and have fun. I really love this town.
Roselle is a town that has the atmosphere of a small village while having around 22.000 people. With a mix of small and corporate business, it is good for new ideas and venture opportunities.
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It has a safe environment. The schools in the area are part of an outstanding district. It is an affordable community and there are plenty of job opportunities
I attended high school here and can attest that the school is very good. Neighborhoods are safe and kind, many activities for residents. An all around upstanding community.
Really small calm peace area. Not much to do around. People are nice and diverse. Crime rate is low. Clean and beautiful. Have many parks and also skate parks. Traffic is low as well except around 5 pm on weekdays or 8 am in the morning. I enjoy living here. Its been 8 years since I have been living here. Pretty fun and nice.
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