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The best part about living in Roma is the people. Each person in town has a story and goal. Almost every person in Roma is of Hispanic heritage. The people is why I love to live here in Roma.
Roma has a very good environment to grow a family. It has some of the best schools and programs I have seen. The people are very nice. There is almost no violence. Its citizens are people of culture and are strongly bonded together.
Roma is a place full of culture since it is situated on the border of the United States and Mexico. Commute from Roma to Mexico for quick tacos is super fast if you walk around. It is, however, always ridiculously hot. Big stigma on the area due to Trump. Super safe!
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I’ve been living in Roma all of my life and it hasn’t changed much. There’s lots of taco places, not a lot of healthy places. Lately there’s been an increase in gyms but nothing amazing. Cost of living is kind of low compared to a city like Houston or Dallas. Diversity is non existent, the population consists of like 90% Mexican/Hispanics, and the other 10% is white/black/Asian/etc people.
Roma is a small little town where almost everyone knows each other. Almost everyone is really friendly there might be a few grumpy people here and there. It is near the boarder and you can go to Mexico if you want. There is very good taco places here where there is very delicious Mexican food.
no violence and the schools are great people are so helpful to other people in need without expecting something in return
"I like a lot of things about Roma one of the important thing that Roma has to offer are that they are very friendly and we pretty much recognized each other. living in a rural area does come with its benefits.
Roma is a great small town. Everyone knows everyone. Roma is very close with each other. Its like we are one really big family. There are every little job around the area. I just wish Roma had more job opportunities.
Roma is a small town, very rustic yet welcoming. I have lived there while going to Roma High School for the last four years of my life. I have a love/hate relationship with Roma. It can be lacking businesses for entertainment but it is enriched with restaurants, people, and availability.
Roma is a small town. Its predominantly Latinos, and the commute is great. I have never drove more than 15 minutes to my work, and the cost of living a very affordable. I would like to see an expansion in the variety in regards to the night life and recreational activities during the day. But these things, aren't much of a big deal breaker here.
Growing up in Roma, TX was amazing yet complicated. Being only 2 blocks away from the Mexican Border was definitely a challenge, given the current bad reputation, but most Roma residents didn't let that get in the way of our daily lives. Everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand. Everywhere you go you see a friendly face. Neighbors were considered family. But despite all that, there was no chance of you becoming someone in Roma if you weren't on the Council's good side. So that made it hard for a lot of us to progress and grow in this little town. So if I can change anything about Roma it would have to be how people view this small town and the job opportunities.
Roma is a small town out of Texas. It is near the border across Mexico. I grew up in Roma Texas and still reside there. What I like about Roma is all the history behind it. What I would change about Roma is how the Public School System runs.
Roma is poverty stricken, especially with failure of the economy. As a result, parents often consult their children to study tremendously and excel in their grades in order to succeed and avoid the same struggles that they've endured.
The crime is actually quite bad. It is done in complete secret though. It behind close door, where no one can see. The police is aware but choose to not do anything. We have tons of border patrols around here supposedly patrol the river for illegal immigrants. The ironic thing is the immigrants are not the problem.
It's a very small, conservative town. Everyone for the most part does know everyone. However, the voice of the citizen is rarely heard. It seems to always be overpowered by the voice of "politics". The people are fine here. Everyone just minds their own business but very judgmental. The main reason I stay here is become my family is here otherwise, I would not live here. I want to live in a place where there is more opportunities and opinions actually matter. The future of this area, quite frankly, seems the same. Someone needs to make a change first before it actually begins to progress.
It's okay when it comes to robbery, you don't see much of that around here. Since it is a small town people know each other well. But, when it come to drug dealing and such, it is really bad especially since we are next to the border of mexico.
Very interesting place to live, not because of wonderful sight seeing , but the fact that we live right next to the border of mexico.
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the houses available are livable.
the people living in my area are like family in a sense of everyone knowing each other.
The police in my area are always active.
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