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I like that its a quiet, small time vibe but still only 25 minutes away from downtown Raleigh! We're starting to grow and adding more local breweries and unique restaurants. The neighborhoods are all connected with well maintained, tree lined greenways where you will always see someone out walking their dogs, riding bikes, or just enjoying family time.
When I first moved to Rolesville, it was one of the smallest towns in North Carolina. Since I've lived here, it has grown tremendously. It's still a small town, but it's much more lively now. The growth of businesses is evident as new neighborhoods are being built and traffic through town increases. There are still certain areas of Rolesville that are very "country", but there are also plenty of things to do while in town. At the moment, it's not as diverse as it should be, but it's definitely getting there as it continues to grow.
When my family first moved to Rolesville, it was very small. There was just a few subdivisions, a gas station, a park, a CVS, and a McDonalds. We loved how small it was. Now it has grown. More and more houses are being built. More and more business are setting up shop here. We have added traffic lights and we even have a bypass. We still love the town of Rolesville. It still has a small, tight-knit feel to it while having the content of a big city.
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I enjoy living in Rolesville because of the very safe and family-friendly environment. The schools are overall excellent, education-wise and in regards to safety. It is still a growing town, but it is getting more opportunities to stand out amongst the other towns and cities. Small businesses found here are generally great, providing fantastic service and wonderful products.
Rolesville is very nice, but I would like to see it expand and offer more variety of shops and eating options.
I love the small town environment. It is very calm and quite. The houses and neighborhoods are very well maintained for the most part. The people are diverse and friendly. The schools are either new are recently updated. The town is easy travel distance to Raleigh and Wake Forest.
Great neighborhood. Love Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club, great schools.

Rolesville is a wonderful small town with a variety of food and shopping. It is a very safe area with a quick responding police force. The best part is the location, it is close to raleigh but also close to rural areas. When I grow older, if I work in this area I will definitely choose to live in Rolesville.
This is the best place for everyone who loves sports. There are a lot of fresh air, parks and well equipped sport facilities.
there is very little crime due to a strong community watch and strong police presence and visibility
The area has grown 200% in the past 5 years and has become very congested and traffic is overwhelming
Would pick a house with a bigger yard.
I haven't really witnessed any crime in the area; it's never been an issue while I've been living here.
It's a peaceful area but I would rather live in a more urban area, with more pedestrian friendly sidewalks and more things to do for fun.
This area is growing very quickly and a lot of northerners are moving here. My family and I moved down south from the north to get better housing costs, taxes, and friendlier people. The area is more diversified and very different than the north, which is generally segregated neighborhoods. The diversification was good to see different races living in the same neighborhood and getting along. Where I came from, this was not the general way of life.

The roads and traffic are getting very crowded, housing has gone up and the people are more stressed and not patient to the slower pace of life that the southerners enjoy.

Frankly, they are kind of ruining it. I've witnessed many car accidents, road rage, rudeness. It was not like this just 41/2 years ago.

Northerners are able to sell their homes and buy less costly ones here. Their values are more money and status driven than family and fellowship, as I've seen when I first moved here.

I see this area becoming very crowded and expensive with stressed-out people.

If I were able to choose to live here again, I would not.
I love Rolesville, its a small but growing suburban town, 15 minutes from Raleigh NC. There are small business coming this way, we should be getting a Walmart soon and the Mayor has started an email messaging system letting the residents know about things happening in our area - good, bad and indifferent information
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