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Overall, Rochester isn't bad, and it is growing. Like any city that is growing, we are having some growing pains, but it will work out in the end. Opportunities are growing!
Rochester is a beautiful and full of life. I love it here but there is some things that I wish I could change like how there's not much to do when its winter time. Also I change downtown and how it there's not a lot of parking and there's always construction going on. Also there is so many apartment and hotel buildings going up but they are all so expensive. For a full time college student working 40-hour weeks and its still not enough to pay for a room. I feel like they a
I moved here in fifth grade from rural Ohio, and I have definitely enjoyed my time here. I have been given many opportunities here that I would not get anywhere else.
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Living in Rochester is great because it gives you a taste of what it's like living in the cities just without as much chaos. It's a town that is constantly expanding and growing/bringing new businesses. Also, I have a piece of mind knowing that the best hospital in the world.
Love Rochester it’s so amazing the people are great so much to do in such a small city everyone is there to help regardless! Just a perfect place to live!
Miles of bike trails, lots of well maintained parks, and a caring community all make Rochester a great place to live!
Great community to raise children and have a family. I moved here two years ago and love the area. You have a major metropolitan city a few minutes away and the great outdoors as well. Very health conscious town and welcoming. I lived in several parts around the country and I am proud to call this place my home.
Rochester is a nice city. Not too big of a city nor is it too small. Perfect place to raise a family.
Rochester is a fast-growing city with increasing job opportunities ranging across all career types. The housing market is hot, with homes selling in less than a week on average. Rochester continues to grow its community by offering activities to the public such as music, art/food festivals, family-friendly activities, as well as night-life entertainment for the college/adult community. With Mayo Clinic and the Destination Medical Center project underway, residents (new and old) are seeing the changes take place to buildings, roadways, and other various changes.
Very fun and energetic place to live. A lot of diversity, especially living downtown by Mayo Clinic. Night life here is nothing like I've seen before.
Very clean safe town but under developed considering the type of people that come here from the around the country and world. People are friendly and Mayo does a good job of alleviating the traffic providing shuttles for their employees. Homes are very affordable but rent is extremely high considering you can own a home for about 900 a month.
It's a wide-open town with lots of opportunities for growth! The city itself is very clean, and the job market is always hiring for vartied positions within the medical field. There are also a lot of varied neighborhood 'bedroom' communities, from new 'cookie-cutter' suburban neighborhoods to original neighborhoods from the 1950's. Great place to work and raise children!
What I love most about Rochester is that it's very family friendly. I have three children and I wanted to make sure I provide the best and safe living environment for them. There are jobs hiring all the time. Some jobs are in walking distance, which is great. I love the hiking and running trails. They're great for exercise and I also can bring my children along as well. Also I love Rochester because I'm currently a nursing student and Rochester is the perfect place for my family and I.
Rochester seems to be a larger city with almost a small town feel. There are great bike paths and fun restaurants to eat at.
There is a good level of affordable-ish housing. The north side of town is fairly safe with fewer crimes and more stores, other than downtown. Mayo is annoying and overwhelming. The roadwork is neverending and always happening. Having Mayo in town is nice if you need specific medical care, but it is not cheap. Otherwise it's just a midsize city like any other.
I think Rochester is a great diverse city. It is a good medium sized city with low crime. Most of the school systems are good, and there are both two year and four year colleges in Rochester. I wish that there was more to do. Not only activities for children, but adults as well. When DMC is finished I hope they have thought of something to keep the new families here in the well kept city.
Rochester is a great place to grow up in. It's a big town with lots of options for career choice and people to become friends with. The Mayo Clinic is definitely one of the most popular sites in all of Rochester and is also very convenient for quick medical care whenever needed!
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I've lived in this city for more than 10 years and there are problems in Rochester still not addressed. There is an increase number of residents going homeless, rising cost of housing, silent racism, and lack of activities for younger residents to just name a few. Not to mention, Mayo Clinic is on top in Rochester and Doctors are put on top of the hierarchy in this city. Rochester is a kind and friendly city, but most of the residents here have an indirect aggression. This city is growing and the problems in this city will grow with it too if they are not addressed. If you're still thinking of moving to Rochester, then think long and hard.
Rochester is run by MAYO CLinic ...................................................................................
Rochester is my hometown. I moved away after high school for a few years, but came back. "Minnesota Nice" really does apply, especially when you move from the Midwest to the West Coast.
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