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I love Rochester! Personally, I am a big fan of the weather changes and all of the seasons, so I love living in an area where I get to see the leaves change and the snow fall. The downtown area is very pretty and there are resources to many different kinds of people available everywhere. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the amount of activities available to younger people. Adults have the ability to go to bars and restaurants downtown, but students and kids don't have many activities to do. I would like to see more parks, trails, and sport-designated areas around in order to get kids outside and active. Other than that, I love it here!
I would like to see Rochester have more things for the younger adults, ages 25-35. I feel like a lot of Rochester is playing catch up, compared to other cities.
Rochester is an amazing place to raise your children. I have had lots of wonderful experiences while living here. I have met amazing people that encourage me to live life to it's fullest. Rochester is a family town. Pretty boring here though, but I feel extremely safe here. The public schools are great, but I think that they need more minorities working within their school system to be able to better understand and relate to children of various nationalities. Right now, it is affordable to live here, but I think that it is going to become very expensive in years to come.
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Rochester is a great place to raise a family or grow old. If you are not within that demographic, it has little to offer. Nightlife, food, and culture are lacking. Schools are good and the largest employer, Mayo, is the whole town.
Rochester is just the right size. It is small enough that there is some sense of community, and for short enough commute times (around 20 minutes from one side to another). Rochester is big enough to be the central hub for the area, meaning it has all the commodities. It also has one of the best medical institutions in the world. In nearly every aspect I am very happy to be a Rochester resident.
Currently working on a lot of construction projects to further modernize the city. Downtown is pretty nice, good places to eat food with friends. Mayo Clinic makes you feel safe and protected from harm.
Rochester has a small town feel for a community of 100,000 plus residents. There are four public high schools, a fantastic medical center, and it is only a short commute to Minneapolis for pro sports and theatre experiences.
Rochester is a good place to live, with a good job market, great healthcare, and pretty good public schools (from what I've heard - I don't have kids myself). Nightlife and entertainment options like concerts are somewhat lacking though. Housing is also a bit on the expensive side.
The cost of living is far too high, and there is a serious lack of activities for locals to engage in.
I love Rochester, it is a great place to live with endless possibilities and opportunities! I am a single parent currently enrolled at Hawthorne Education Center and Rochester Community And Technical college. Since I moved here about a year ago life for my son and myself has been great!
Rochester is a medium-sized city (150,000 inhabitants) that’s perfect to raise a family. Low crime rate, plenty of employment opportunities (IBM, Mayo Clinic, etc.), and generally kind neighbors. I would like to see more recreational activities and dining experiences find their way to Rochester.
Rochester is a place for safety and job opportunity. Good schools and health living. Is a cold state but very beautiful and simple. Good hospital such as mayo clinic and a town of diversity.
I grew up in Rochester and both of my parents are employed at Mayo. The community interaction and fervor for this city is quite inspiring! It’s a great place to grow up.
I lived in Rochester for about 8 years. Rochester is the perfect town for people who are looking for a safe environment, glorious scenery, and an easy going life style. People tend to keep to them selves and do they're own thing, but it is somewhat easy to fit into society. As far as activities in the area, Rochester has parks, movie theaters, nationwide known restaurants, trails, bowling alleys, and other things that can draw the interest of many people.
I’ve moved to Rochester from California when I was 9 in 2004. I love living here for the most part. It’s very easy to find a job, if your actively looking you’ll find one within a week or 2(or sooner). The renting cost have gone up within the past few years but it’s nothing unaffordable. The summers are so beautiful in mn they are probably my favorite part of living here. Having the Mayo Clinic right downtown is a huge plus. And it’s only going to get bigger from here.
Rochester is a friendly city with great school district and safe neighborhoods, best city to live in.
Rochester has many desirable amenities in regards to transportation, entertainment and careers. It has the small town feel, with big city opportunities.
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On top of being home to the Mayo Clinic they have had free summer concerts every Sunday with musicians varying from orchestras to the Spin Doctors. The people are nice and there's nowhere I have been so far since I moved here two months ago that isn't just picturesque. My rent is cheap the views beautiful very quiet neighborhood very safe and clean.
I've been living here for years and it's a great place to live and work. I've been living here my whole life and went to school here through college. My family and I think it's a great safe place and the people here are so kind and generous. It also doesn't hurt that the renowned Mayo Clinic is 10 minutes from my house.
Rochester is a wonderful place to live. There is a lot of culture and diversity here which is nice to experience. Rochester is set up like a big city with a small town feel.
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