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I love Rochester. I moved to the area to be closer to the Mayo Clinic due to a long list of health issues. the people here are so kind and sweet. there is such a wide variety of restaurants to eat at. so much to do in the city itself. Lots of different shopping centers and cute little stores
Born and raised in Rochester, it is an alright place to live. Living here is expensive though. There isn't much nightlife unless you consider going to bars fun. There is shopping, restaurants, movies and bowling though.
It's a slightly on the smaller side, but contains all the necessities. It could have some more service, but it manages.
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Rochester is a wonderful place to grow up and grow old. The safety,education, kindness,peace, and of course medical care is outstanding. The city is only growing as it develops as the destination medical center. Rochester is not necessarily a place for young adults to go out and have a party life, but nonetheless has endless job opportunities for these young adults.
Rochester is an amazing city. There is a lot to do in Rochester, such as: riding your bike on the Douglass Trail, going and getting ice cream at flapadoodles, go to the civic center to hear a concert, and much more. Rochester has been home to me for 15 years and when I get done with college, hope that Rochester will continue to be home.
Rochester is a pretty amazing town it has the Mayo Clinic and many fun things to do. The weather is okay but it can get really cold and with the last snowfall we had it was REALLY cold. But the summers and fall are not bad at all they are very enjoyable especially the summer nights. There are many fun things to do like go to the movies, go hiking or just being outdoors spending time with family and friends. Another good thing about Rochester is the people. We have lots of diversity and we have 2nd street Joe who stands outside and waves at people all the time which it always fun to see. Rochester is an amazing city that everyone should want to live in.
It is a beautiful town to live in. The downtown scene is nice--especially historic 3rd. There are tons of summertime events like Thursdays on 1st and 3rd and the Down by the Riverside concerts. It is convenient to have the Mayo Clinic downtown and there is an excellent public schools system.
I have lived in Rochester for the past 10+ years and I have loved it. I love how there is a small town feel in a bigger city.
Rochester is an awesome place to live. There are many things to do Throughout the summer. The job opportunity is great here
I personally love Rochester, especially downtown, but I feel as there needs to be more to do in the city. There are a few local shops and restaurants, but besides that in the winter there inst a ton to do. But in the summer I love going to the pools and walking around the lake.
Very good town if you are looking into it for any sort of medical reasons but expensive to live in sometimes
Rochester is the home to the Mayo Clinic. Most people who come here are either doctors or patients. The housing market is kind of expensive due to the Mayo Clinic proximity. The public schools in my opinion are overcrowded but the teachers are friendly. I went to a private school most of my time in Rochester.
I grew up here and really enjoyed it. It's a safe town with a decent amount of things to do in it and is constantly growing.
Rochester is a nice place to live. Rochester is my home, but since the Mayo Clinic is in this city it is hard to get anywhere career-wise if you don't work for Mayo.
I think Rochester is a good place to grow up, it offers both big city and small town aspects. However, as a teen, the things to do are limited, especially in the winter as most things cost money. Overall, a good place to live.
Rochester is a great city I'm glad to live in. Its one of Minnesota's larger cities, but its not so large that its unmanageable or a hassle to navigate around. We're also home to the Mayo Clinic, which is our pride and joy. We consider the Mayo Clinic as one of the world's greatest hospitals, and I should know. They've done amazing work for my mother's health. Other than that, we have lots of places to shop, enjoy food, and many parks to walk around.
We moved her for my husband's job 1 year ago based on its ranking as "one of the best cities to live in". Rochester has been a HUGE let down from everything ranging from healthcare to general "feel" and life style. It is entirely ran by Mayo, which values out-of country patients that are willing to "donate" millions of dollars IN EXCHANGE for top-tier care. Rochester citizens are colder than the weather, rude, extremely Republican; which I found shocking, largely unwelcoming of other ethnicities, and most of all; BORING. There's no energy in this town, no sense of HONEST community, no empathy, no efforts from Government or Mayo to genuinely care for its employees and residents. There's no pride in any of it's outdoor recreational facilities, no initiative to make the town beautiful or appealing for people looking for nature. We are looking forward to leave as soon as we can sell our house.
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Rochester is a great place to live, especially because it's connected to the Mayo clinic. The public schools are a very good place to send students to school to get a great education, plus many options for public or private elementary and/or middle schools. It's a fast growing city with many increasing job opportunities ranging across all career types but especially the medical field. Downtown includes great places to eat, exciting music once in a while, and fun festivals and entertainment such as Thursday's on First.
Overall, Rochester isn't bad, and it is growing. Like any city that is growing, we are having some growing pains, but it will work out in the end. Opportunities are growing!
Rochester is a beautiful and full of life. I love it here but there is some things that I wish I could change like how there's not much to do when its winter time. Also I change downtown and how it there's not a lot of parking and there's always construction going on. Also there is so many apartment and hotel buildings going up but they are all so expensive. For a full time college student working 40-hour weeks and its still not enough to pay for a room. I feel like they a
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