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Although Rochester is a small town, you get connected with one another and build amazing bonds. The activities we offer in Rochester are plenty for a small town.
I've lived in Rochester for my entire life all over town and in the country. I have never witnessed anything sketchy and my experiences have all been good! The variety of fast food we have is amazing, and we are now adding a sit-down restaurant near Walmart!
Rochester is a small town that is good for people who are wanting to retire. We have a great lake that a lot of people enjoy in the summer. It's a very small community. The one thing I would like to see change is more jobs. You usually have to go to Warsaw to find a decent paying job.
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I'm a current resident of Rochester, Indiana. I have lived here on and off for my entire life. It is an easy place to get around, has a few good places to eat, and a couple of great little shops. Family friendly, not much really happens.
Its a great city to live! i have lived there for over 20 years. i went to the schools and was a active member of the community.
Some streets in this town are definitely worse than others as far as maintenance, crime, and safety. But for a small town in rural Indiana I'd say we are average for crime and deteriorating buildings and homes.
It's a good public school system in this town, but not very many job opportunities and very limited places to shop.
There really isnt much to do around here. There is going to the movies or going bowling but other than that there isnt much.
Walking ability is very accessable, and pedestrian signs are posted all over mostly by the park and school districts and uptown by the stop lights. The transportation service we have is transpo that will go and pick someone up and take themwhere they need to go but they do charge a small fee depending on if its in town or out of town and how many people are with you.
Winter gets down cold and the snow and ice sometimes prevents people from being able to go to work due to bad roads, summer can get pretty hot towards june and july and tornado warnings and sirens accure more with severe thunderstorms and sometimes flooding. Fall is okay nothing really happens other than some days it gets pretty cold and can snow. And spring lots of rain and flash flood warnings with severe thunderstorms. My wardrobe I have a variety from shorts and tank tops to pants and t shirts to sweaters and yoga pants. It just depends on how warm or cold it is outside the determines what I where
The nice dining places are streamliner, tweedle ds, chi am garden, and pizza hut. Night clubs/ bars are rumors, putts bar and grill, and the legend.
There are a few factorys tops, lue, fiberglass, modern material. Then there are stores like walmart, krogers, label shopper, big r, dollar general, family dollar, save a lot. Then there are fast food restaurants like mcdonalds, arbys, kfc/taco bell, burger king, wendys, and dairy queen. Theres not a whole lot to choose from especially if your someone like me who dont want to work fast food or dont have the qualifications for the job offered for the factorys.
Krogers, and walmart are where I shop and sometimes save alot. I can usually get everything im looking for from one or all of these stores. Walmart doesmt have a big selection of things but they got the general basic things and if you can't find what you're looking for they have online shopping which is sometimes cheaper than buying from the store, you're garanteed to find what you're looking for there.
There are quite a few jobs here in Rochester. There are many fast food places and there are also some dinning restaurant's. We have many stores here that provide many jobs. Also there are at least six gas stations and that's a lot for this little town. There are also a few businesses here to that provide people with jobs.
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