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Despite not having very much to do, I really enjoy living in Roaring Spring. The thing I like the most about living here is that you don't really have to worry about people breaking into your house while on vacation because of how little crime there is here. Living in a smaller town, Nason Hospital is a 30-second walk away from my house, Rite Aid is practically in my backyard, and there are plenty of fast food restaurants and various pizza places all within a couple minutes away. If I ever felt in danger, the police station is roughly two minutes away, so I honestly feel very safe, regardless of the time of day. While Roaring Spring certainly has a lot of pros, just like anything else, it also comes with some cons. Route 36 basically divides the town, and there aren't any crosswalks. The town also lacks a nightlife, so you’ll have to go somewhere else to spend your Friday nights
rural farming community with little to no crime. family community with church on Sundays and a handful of places to eat. larger city for shopping, etc. only 15 minutes outside of town.
Roaring Spring is a small, quiet town in Central PA. When visiting, you have to check out this Spring Dam. It is gorgeous, filled with ducks and fish, and has a nice fountain that changes colors at night. The small town has a paper mill and the bottling company. You can also find a small PA train car that you can walk around. Very charming town!
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I love Roaring Spring because it's a very loving, small town atmosphere. Everyone is extremely polite, and everyone is constantly supporting small businesses. Anytime there is a tragedy or amazing sports season. The whole town always gets together and celebrates, and shows how much power a little town can have.
Great small town environment with good schools. Great place to live and raise a family. Not much as far as nightlife but tight knit community.
I would like to live here my whole life; however, job opportunities for me personally would be better in a larger city.
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