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What I like about Riviera beach is that every resident is family friendly and the neighborhood as a whole takes on responsibilities such as feeding families that aren't as fortunate as others as well as giving out toys and food during holidays. The neighborhood as a whole is very genuine when it comes to the senior citizens and widows as well. A bus/van sometimes come by the seniors house to pick them up to take them on outings as well as to vote for local officials or to go grocery shopping.
I like the accessibility of my town but I would love to see crime decrease. Riviera Beach gets a bad reputation because of crime, but honestly, the crime is centered in some areas. The cultural and socioeconomic diversity is very prominent. I went to school in the town so I know firsthand what they're like. They offer good educational opportunities, but there are a lot of distractions.
Very beautiful city; there is always something to do as far as going to the beach, pool, soaking up some sun. Its a prime city for someone who enjoys the beach life.
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This is incorrect, Riviera Beach is NOT a suburb of Miami. Riviera beach is located in PB county in 10 minutes from West Palm Beach and it is not a good area except for the best elementary school in the Coast which is Suncoast
Everyone is fake. Deceitful. Bias. Not helpful. Hard to keep friends because people turn on you for no reason or reason that they create just to not like you for no good true reason.
I love the area Iam living at I live near school if anything happen the police are always near by I live near the fire station
I’ve lived here for a while. They’re always improving the streets and sidewalks. The houses are nice and they have a few parks for the kids.
I would like to see less crime and more unity. I love how close it is to be the beach. I also like how it's close to different stores. But there's a lot of change to go about as in organzation of the town.
Cool neighborhood with lots of nice people. Not sure about the safety or cost of living but the homes don't seem too expensive.
Most of these things don't effect me.
Overall, my neighborhood is getting worse. It's hard to find a good paying job, there is a huge increase in crimes, education is taught, but without passion.
There isn't that much crime in my area cause the police officers and firefighters gets their job done
In Lone Pine Estates, the neighbor is quiet, beautiful, and nice people around the neighbor. I am very close to my school where I live, a water park that is very popular in the Palm Beach County, and many stores where I get most of my daily needs.
When I first moved to this area it used to be gang affiliations.
In the future for this area I see more section 8 residents moving in.
When something does happen the police are somewhat slow to respond.
The crime in this area is not that good and neither is it that bad but it definitely could use some improvement as well as the response of the police.
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This area is beautiful, and quiet, it's definitely in the top 50% of communities in the area, I see it just getting better.
I feel our neighborhood is affordable and we love it here
We have many families with children and with pets.
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