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Riverwoods is homey and lovely. It's full of nature and kind neighbors. The only downsides are that it's small and therefore lacking in a community feel.
Nice and feel like you're in some small town in Wisc. All homes are 1 or 2 acre lots. Lots of trees and flowers. The best!
Beautiful location, tucked away surrounding some busy suburban areas. Has moments of heavy traffic on main roads but otherwise fairly quiet. Now that we have our own police and fire station, response time is better. New town hall is being built. Fairly good location with minimum 10 minute drive to nearest grocery store and town center. Plentiful options for public schooling, all great options. Cost and quality of life is high.
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The housing in this area is fantastic! However it's very expensive and not everyone can afford it.
I don't really talk or communicate with anyone in this area. However everyone is very respectful and will help if needed.
I haven't heard of any crimes committed in the area as long as I lived here
Its an amazing place to live in if you like nature and quiet
Most houses look nice and kept up to date.
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