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I love the city but its sad to see all the all the high density housing going up everywhere. It has a great park fit for anyone of any age.
It's a great place to live, it feels safe to go around town. So many houses are being built in this area so there are a lot of people in this city. There are many places to go! So many parks around and shopping places that are just being opened.
Riverton is a growing city with a small town feel, there are shopping and parks that are in walking distance. You have the view of the mountains that will help you know what direction you are facing. You will feel confident being able to walk any where here in Riverton. There is little crime in Riverton so being able to play outside is possible. I love Riverton at christmas time the streets are lit up with extra christmas flare and you can go to the city park to enjoy hot chocolate, scones,crafts and see Santa Claus come to the park in a fire truck.
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I love living in riverton, I lived in Saint George for a year and riverton has a much better culture and more friendly people in it.
Great place to start a family. Lots of schools and children. Would like to have more teachers for a better adult to children ratio for classrooms.
I have grown up here and love it! There is a lot to do nearby and the people in my neighborhood are great.
Riverton has a great spirit about it. The people are amazing, so nice, generous and loving. There are so many things to get involved to really become a part of the community. Riverton High School is also one of the best schools in Utah. Over the years they have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to donate to charity and the loving spirit that fills the air during that time is incredible. Overall Riverton is a very loving, welcoming and friendly environment to live in.
I moved to Riverton almost 6 years ago. Scince I havw moved I have been welcomed into the community and made many great friends. At first I was nervous about not ever being to ever call this place home. Longing to return to West jordan. (Which is where we moved from) but over time, and with people and friends who welcomed me into their arms I am glad to say Riverton is my home.
I've lived in Riverton for a majority of my life and I've loved being here. Everyone is very friendly and everything you need is near by.
We have lived in Riverton for several years being a mom to a special needs child is tough but the neighbors we have are so kind to him and understanding.
There are a lot of ways to get involved with the community, whether its through church activities, clubs, sporting events, or through the various school events, there is something for everyone.
Riverton City is a very family friendly place. As such there is little to no Igor life besides the bowling alley and the ice cream shops. Riverton is a very safe place to live that also has great public education. A good majority of the population are religious and try to be good citizens.
Growing up in Riverton has been great. It's a beautiful community in a wonderful location. It's so great that over the last few years there has been a LOT of development out this way and has brought in a lot more families and people into the area. Pros and cons to that. I wish traffic was how it used to be (didn't exist.) Overall Riverton is a great city with great people.
Riverton is a very safe, family friendly town that's growing in appeal every day. We enjoy being near to the adventures of Salt Lake City without all the traffic and crime. We also enjoy the beautiful surrounding mountains and the opportunities for outdoor activities.
Riverton is a suburb located roughly 25 minutes outside of Salt Lake City, Utah that offers a sense of friendliness and safety from the community. It is close enough to the big city to engage in all of the upbeat activities, but far enough away to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home.
Great community and neighbors are willing to lend a hand wherever is needed! Been living here for about 10 years and still feel safe and welcomed. Always willing to do the same to new neighbors as well.
Riverton has been a great place to grow up and attend school. It's family-friendly with job opportunities and kind people.
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I enjoy living in Riverton because it has a safe environment, kind people, and access to anything I need. Being a suburb of Salt Lake City, it is close to many hospitals, stores, schools, and other needs. There are fun activities to do here as well. Much of Riverton is family oriented.
There is too much of old Riverton being removed to make way for useless bigger roads and more condos. Needs work on community. Neighbors are not very sociable but neighborhood itself is nice. Sad that the park got torn up for a city hall.
I love Riverton! It's not exactly a busy city and it's out in the country a little. Traffic is never really a problem. It's family friendly and an amazing place to live.
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