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Riverside is a nice neighborhood with many places to go to eat, relax and a elementary school that is not far away.
From what I see, there is no or low crime. I feel safe where I am located but I have heard rumors about the surrounding areas. None of the surrounding areas are crime ridden.
I like living in this area a lot. It is a family environment with a strong support system. If I had to do it again, I would live here over anywhere else. I think the town is a good distance from the city; not too far but still away from the hustle and bustle. In the future, I see this area becoming cleaner, safer, and bringing in more income while still providing reasonable/low cost housing options.
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Cost of living is reasonable. Not too many vacant properties.
Pet and children friendly area
The crime committed is usually done by unruly and bored teenagers.
YI'm disappointed about the decreasing homre values.
I do like this area because the people are quite friendly and respectful and the cost of living isn't too bad. But there also isn't too much to do here as far as going out to a mall or to a park.
There aren't very many mom-and-pop stores anymore so it's hard to compare the quality of service to the big chain companies. Those are typical of anywhere.
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